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Andy's Workshop Brewery Process Controllers

This repo is a collection of firmware and applications that go together with the hardware projects comprising my brewery process controllers.

Full writeups to all the projects can be found at my website

Quick installation

Don't want to build from source? That's OK, compiled firmware and executables are available in the bin directory right here.

The firmware files are .hex files ready to be flashed to the MCU on the matching controller board. You may also need to set MCU fuses so that the correct speed and clock options are set. See the appropriate writeup on the website for details.

All binary files are for 64-bit Linux. I compiled them on Ubuntu.

Build from source

Wherever there's something to be built you'll find an accompanying SConstruct file. You need to be running Linux. You should have installed the scons package. You also need a recent avr-gcc. I use version 4.9.2 but I'm sure the more recent editions also work fine.

There's a script in the top-level directory here that you can run to build everything and install the results in the bin directory.

Setting MCU fuses

The firmware SConscript files have a fuse target that will program the fuses on your MCU to the correct values if you have a "usbasp" programmer attached and avrdude installed.

Project writeups on the website

Each of the projects has its own writeup on my website. This section contains links to each of them.

Introduction to the whole concept

This small article introduces you to the whole concept of process control and why I'm doing it.

Click here

Relays and triacs

This article breaks down the relays and triacs project. Schematics, gerbers etc. are all available for download. Click the image to view it.

Click to view article

Temperature sensing

This article introduces the temperature sensing project where I aim to accurately sense a number of independent temperatures so that I can make switching decisions. Schematics, gerbers etc. are all available for download. Click the image to view it.

Click to view article


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