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<p>You may choose to deploy multiple HornetQ resource adapters on the same application server, for example if you are connecting to different HornetQ servers and if you wish to have a higher control of properties on each server you are connecting to. You will be able to determine which rar you are using individually at each <i>MDB</i> and <i>ConnectionFactory</i> as specified before here. Just copy the directory jms-ra.rar in your application as any other name with the extension .rar and use that file name at your deployments.</p>
- <p>Please refer to HornetQ Quickstart guide to <a href="../../../docs/quickstart-guide/en/html_single/index.html#installation.jboss">install it in JBoss AS 5<a></p>
+ <p>The example leverages the JBoss Arquillian framework to run an AS 7 instance and deploy the MDB.</p>
<h2>Example step-by-step</h2>
- <p><i>To deploy and start the first server, simply type <code>./ deploy</code> (or <code>build.bat deploy</code> on windows) from the example directory</i></p>
- <p><i>After the first server has started start the second server, simply type <code>./ deploy2</code> (or <code>build.bat deploy2</code> on windows) from the example directory</i></p>
- <p><i>To run the example, simply type <code>./ run</code> (or <code>build.bat run</code> on windows) from the example directory</i></p>
- <p><i>To undeploy the example, simply type <code>./ undeploy undeploy2</code> (or <code>build.bat undeploy undeploy2</code> on windows) from the example directory</i></p>
- <p><i> ** make sure that JBOSS_HOME is set to the JBoss installation directory</i></p>
+ <p><i>download AS from <a href="">here</a> and install.</i></p>
+ <p><i>set the JBOSS_HOME property to point to AS7 install directory</i></p>
+ <p><i>To run the example simply type <code>mvn test</code>from the example directory</i></p>
<li>First we need to get an initial context so we can look-up the EJB on the second server from JNDI. This initial context will get it's properties from the <code></code> file in the directory <code>config</code></li>

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