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in a round-robin fashion.</p>
<p>This example uses JNDI to lookup the JMS Queue and ConnectionFactory objects. If you prefer not to use
JNDI, these could be instantiated directly.</p>
- <p>To enable HornetQ to use JGroups in its broadcasting and discovery, first you need to implement the
- org.hornetq.core.cluster.BroadcastEndpoint interface. Then you need to define it in the server configuration
- file. For details please read the user's manual.</p>
- <p>Here's the relevant snippet from the server configuration defining a JGroupsBroadcastEndpoint.</p>
+ <p>To enable HornetQ to use JGroups you need to configure JGroups configuration file and make sure it is on the classpath
+ by placing in the configuration directory, the file test-jgroups-file_ping.xml is the configuration used in this
+ exaample</p>
+ <p>You then configure the jgroups file used by the broadcast and discovery groups in the configuration along with the
+ channel name which you want this cluster to share.</p>
<pre class="prettyprint">
- <code>&lt;broadcast-endpoints&gt;
- &lt;broadcast-endpoint name="jgroups" class="org.hornetq.integration.discovery.jgroups.JGroupsBroadcastEndpoint"&gt;
- &lt;param key="jgroups-configuration-file" value="test-jgroups-file_ping.xml"/&gt;
- &lt;param key="jgroups-channel-name" value="hornetq_broadcast_channel"/&gt;
- &lt;/broadcast-endpoint&gt;
- &lt;/broadcast-endpoints&gt;
- </code>
- </pre>
- <p>And here's the relevant snippet from the server configuration enabling the discovery/broadcasting groups
- to use the above endpoint.</p>
- <pre class="prettyprint">
- <code>&lt;broadcast-groups&gt;
- &lt;broadcast-group name="my-broadcast-group" endpoint="jgroups"&gt;
- &lt;broadcast-period&gt;5000&lt;/broadcast-period&gt;
- &lt;connector-ref&gt;netty-connector&lt;/connector-ref&gt;
- &lt;/broadcast-group&gt;
+ <code>
+ &lt;broadcast-groups&gt;
+ &lt;broadcast-group name="my-broadcast-group">
+ &lt;broadcast-period>5000&lt;/broadcast-period>
+ &lt;jgroups-file>test-jgroups-file_ping.xml&lt;/jgroups-file>
+ &lt;jgroups-channel>hornetq_broadcast_channel&lt;/jgroups-channel>
+ &lt;connector-ref>netty-connector&lt;/connector-ref>
+ &lt;/broadcast-group>
- &lt;discovery-group name="my-discovery-group" endpoint="jgroups"&gt;
- &lt;refresh-timeout&gt;10000&lt;/refresh-timeout&gt;
- &lt;/discovery-group&gt;
+ &lt;discovery-group name="my-discovery-group">
+ &lt;jgroups-file>test-jgroups-file_ping.xml&lt;/jgroups-file>
+ &lt;jgroups-channel>hornetq_broadcast_channel&lt;/jgroups-channel>
+ &lt;refresh-timeout>10000&lt;/refresh-timeout>
+ &lt;/discovery-group>
- <p>For more information on HornetQ load balancing, and clustering in general, please see the clustering
+ <p>For more information on HornetQ clustering in general, please see the clustering
section of the user manual.</p>
<h2>Example step-by-step</h2>
<p><i>To run the example, simply type <code>./</code> (or <code>build.bat</code> on windows) from this directory</i></p>

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