Omnibus package of Puppet with an embedded Ruby and required gems (Chef-style)
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Omnibus Puppet package project

This is an Omnibus project that will build a "monolithic" OS package for Puppet. It installs a source-built Ruby in /opt/puppet-omnibus, then installs all the gems required for Puppet to work into this Ruby. This means it leaves the system-supplied Ruby completely untouched, along with any other Rubies you might happen to have installed.

Why create a monolithic Puppet package?

The goal was to create a Puppet package that could be dropped onto a system at the end of the OS install and immediately begin to manage the system in its entirety, which includes installing and managing the Ruby versions on the machine. Keeping Puppet separate from Rubies used to run applications means this is possible (and it also means you can't break your config management agent by mucking around with Ruby).

What are Omnibus packages?

Omnibus is an OS packaging system built in Ruby, written by the Opscode folks. It was created to build monolithic packages for Chef (which requires Ruby as well). Rather than re-inventing the packaging wheel, it makes use of Jordan Sissel's fpm to build the final package.

The first version of this project used Opscode's tool, but they didn't seem to take pull requests, so I enhanced bernd's superb fpm-cookery to create Omnibus packages, and switched this project to use it.

Runtime OS package dependencies

Obviously some components of Ruby/Puppet/Facter have library dependencies. Opscode take the approach of building any binary component from source and having it inside the package. I think this is wasteful if you only have a few OS dependencies - instead, the final package this project builds depends on the OS packages, so apt/yum will automatically pull them in when you install the package.

The exception is libyaml, which now gets built into the Omnibus; this is to help support RHEL/Centos etc without needing EPEL.

Available builds

There are two recipes available - recipe-aws.rb, which includes some gems to support Puppet types that make use of AWS resources, and recipe.rb, for people not using AWS.

The following gems are built into both recipes:

  • facter
  • json_pure
  • hiera
  • deep_merge
  • rgen
  • ruby-augeas
  • ruby-shadow
  • gpgme
  • puppet

The following extra gems are included in the recipe-aws.rb build:

  • aws-sdk
  • fog

Package contents

Besides Ruby and associated gems, the package also places scripts to run the puppet, facter and hiera binaries in /usr/bin using update-alternatives. It deploys an appropriate init script based on the official Puppetlabs script, config files, and files in /etc/default / /etc/sysconfig.

How do I build the package?

fpm-cookery will build a package for the platform you run it on - so if you want one for e.g. CentOS, then run the build on CentOS. We'd like to integrate automatic Vagrant builds; pull requests welcomed!

You need to clone the repository and bundle it:

$ git clone
$ bundle install

Now use fpm-cookery to build the package:

$ sudo bundle exec fpm-cook package recipe.rb


$ sudo bundle exec fpm-cook package recipe-aws.rb

depending on whether you want the AWS or non-AWS build.

You need to use sudo as the recipe will try to install in /opt/puppet-omnibus, so it'll need root to create this directory.

The final package will be at:


You might want to update the maintainer, revision and vendor in puppet-omnibus.rb.


I use this in production with Ubuntu 12.04. beddari reports it working on Fedora, CentOS and RHEL.


Credit for the Omnibus idea goes to the Opscode and Sensu folks. Credit for coming up with the idea of packaging Puppet like Chef belongs to my colleague lloydpick. Thanks to bernd for the awesome fpm-cookery and for taking my PRs. Thanks to beddari for his PRs to support RHEL derivatives, and his almost complete overhaul of the project.