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The Blue Book

Proof of Love

"The human imagination is the seedbed of everything we know to be beautiful and true — it created the Mona Lisa’s smile and recreates its mystery anew with each viewing; it envisioned the existence of a strange particle and sparked the myriad scientific breakthroughs that made its discovery possible half a century later in the Higgs boson; it allows us to perform the psychoemotional acrobatics at the heart of compassion as we imagine ourselves in another’s shoes. And yet the essence of the imagination remains elusive and opaque even to those most endowed with this miraculous human faculty." - Maria Popova on Ada Lovelace

This repo hosts the code for The Blue Book. With Gitbook moving away from static sites and free access/exit for anyone (thanks Microsoft!), we need a new way to make books using media powerful enough to capture and express what it is like to be alive now. We need more dynamism in the ways we present the written word.

More than anything else, we need to get rid of audiences. We need participation. So now you, too, can build your own book!

Good luck! Read well.

Run It Yourself

Enter these commands in your terminal:

mkdir mybook
git clone mybook/
cd mybook/
npm i
npm run build

Open a new terminal, navigate back to the root of the folder and run:

cd mybook/
npm run serve
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