An online register of good and bad recruitment agencies!
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Recruitment agencies are always fuc*ing up!

Here is how we start making them toe the line! A simple service that broadcasts an unbiased opinion on the recruitment agencies throughtout the world.


1 remark per agency per user
1 up vote per agency per user == positive vote FOR agency
1 down vote per agency per user == negative vote AGAINST agency

votes are cast, named as the user and can only be deleted by a moderator.

User stories

as a user of the site, I want to

  1. View charts of agencies based on positive / negative votes
  2. search remarks made based on the name of an agency
  3. login through openid
  4. logout
  5. add a positive remark about an agency
  6. add a negative remark about an agency
  7. vote UP on a remark
  8. vote DOWN on a remark
  9. share my remark through Twitter, Facebook etc
  10. be constrained : not being able to add more than one remark about a single agency

as a moderator of the site I want to be able to

  1. remove a remark
  2. edit a remark