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RubyMotion Documentation

This repository contains the official documentation of RubyMotion, a commercial toolchain for iOS development in Ruby.

The files in this repository are used to build the Developer Center section of the RubyMotion website.


Documentation is written using the AsciiDoc text document format. You can find more information about AsciiDoc on its website:

We use the Mizuho tool to build the documentation. Mizuho conveniently includes AsciiDoc as well as additional functionality.

$ sudo gem install mizuho

You can also find the source code of Mizuho on GitHub. Mizuho is a project of Hongli Lai of the amazing Phusion folks.


The default rake task will build the documentation by creating a .html file for each .txt file.

$ rake


Please use the GitHub pull-request mechanism to submit contributions. We will refresh the RubyMotion website on a periodical basis.

Thanks a lot in advance!


This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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