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Pulls acceptance criteria from a Confluence wiki into Cucumber feature files to keep them in sync
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Cuki provides an easy way to import acceptance criteria from a Confluence wiki into Cucumber feature files. It can be used as part of a CI process or just for ad-hoc imports.


gem install cuki

(or use Bundler)


Cuki expects a configuration file in config/cuki.yml. See the sample provided.

A single Confluence page maps to one or more features. The page should contain the structure:

h1. Acceptance Criteria

h2. Feature Name

Scenario: ...

h2. Another Feature Name

Scenario: ...


Run it from the command line:

cuki pull

You can also pull from a particular Confluence page:

cuki pull features/products


You can add tags to a feature based on the wiki page markup. See the sample configuration file.


  • –skip–autoformat to avoid reformatting features (runs over the whole features directory)


If your Confluence installation requires a client certificate, you can supply the paths for these as environment variables:

CER=/path/to/ca.pem.cer PEM=/path/to/something.pem cuki pull

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Will only work with Confluence setups which have no password, or use client certificates for authentication

  • Expects a two level hierarchy, with folders used for epics/themes, containing one or more feature files

Bugs and To Do

  • Should exit before importing features if the current features aren't valid syntax

Future Plans

  • Add roundtrip editing, i.e. edit a file locally and push it to Confluence

  • Some way to update the wiki to indicate which scenarios are passing, failing or not yet implemented


Copyright © 2011 Andy Waite. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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