ActiveRecord-like ORM to the Google Data API
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Making it more than easy to save everything on Google, so all your app has to do is say how to define pretty urls and formatting.


sudo gem install googletastic

Installing from Source

git clone
cd googletastic
rake install


Google’s API’s have “two types of accounts”

  1. Regular (for individuals): “GOOGLE”
  2. Hosted (for Google Apps): “HOSTED” (or “HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE”)

Google’s APIs have 3 types of authentication:

  1. ClientLogin: For single users
  2. OpenAuth: For registering an app to automatically login. You need to register your domain here
  3. AuthSub

You can permanently unlock the CAPTCHA for a computer by going here.

Working with Authsub

If this is for Google Apps, you must go to Google Docs Settings in the Admin Panel, and make sure this is selected: “Users can share documents outside this domain, but will receive a warning each time”. The most restrictive, “Users cannot share documents outside this domain”, won’t allow you to view documents at all. Also, don’t select “Require sign-in to view this form.” for google forms.

Top 10 Things I Need the Google Data API to Have

Submit Your Ideas to Google!!!

  1. Partial Responses for everything.
    So we can get only the data we need. This way we can poll our google docs for any changes and run processes on them.
  2. Publish the docs as plain text.
  3. Textile and Markdown support
  4. Better font support in PDF documents
  5. Everything Should Be TAGGABLE