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Blank RubyMotion project with sensible defaults
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RubyMotion App Template

This project template is intended to be a starting point for building a RubyMotion app.


  • Folders for models, views, controllers, lib and vendored frameworks to encourage a Rails-style layout convention
  • Spec folder layout to mirror the app folder
  • Optional support for TestFlight
  • Optional support for CocoaPods
  • Default values for app version and identifier
  • Placeholders for configuring icons and device families

MVC Example

I have included a simple Model-View-Controller example, highlighting how the controller should act as a mediator, passing any model data into the constructor of the view. Views should not directly access model data.


Support for Frank been added, based on the post Test RubyMotion Apps Using Cucumber. In particular:

  • Frank is specified in the Gemfile so you can either run bundle or install it manually
  • The Frank project has been vendored so there's no need to run frank-skeleton
  • The Rakefile and env.rb files have been configured

Unit Tests

I've included a model test to show that RSpec can be used outside of the RubyMotion environment:

rspec spec/models/welcomer_spec.rb

Note that at present this breaks the built-in rake spec task.


Clone the project:

git clone

Remove anything you don't need from the Rakefile. Then start building your app!

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