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--- this is still under development, but you know: release often and early ;-) ---

This is a wrapper for CouchDB. I wrote this basically for using it in an article about CouchDB in the german PHP Magazin. The article can be found in issue 6.2010. This library is not inventing the wheel again, because there are allready two cool libraries. In fact, I am "lending" the basic ideas of them ;-)

I really encourage you to check out Armchair, written by Till Klampaeckl. Find it here:

And also please checkout the cool library called PHPIllow, written by Kore Nordmann. You can find it here:

I mention both libraries / wrapper, because you should use them instead of mine. Both libraries are more advanced and cover more aspects of a well structured library.


see the example in examples/couchDB_PHP_Example.php


  • write tests