a stripped down and easy to use toolkit for PHP
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Kirby (Semi-Official-Repository)

Welcome to Kirby – a stripped down and easy to use toolkit for PHP. It's by no means a full featured mvc/wtf framework, it's more like jQuery or Mootools for PHP. Kirby is there to make nerdy things a little less nerdy.

Kirby is in alpha and completely free to use. Please read the docs to learn more about it, follow Kirby on Twitter and download the latest version to get started.


  • Database Handling (MySQL)
  • Loads of string and array helpers
  • File and directory handling
  • Session and Cookie helpers
  • Browser detection
  • Easy language support
  • Easy request handling
  • Validation
  • Easy app configuration

Here are two tiny examples to give you a better idea what Kirby does

Easy database handling



// setup the database
c::set('db.host', 'localhost');
c::set('db.user', 'root');
c::set('db.password', 'password');
c::set('db.name', 'database');

// select all users from an imaginary user table
$users = db::select('users', '*');

// build a list of encoded email addresses
// with a fallback for users without an email address
foreach($users AS $user) {
    echo str::email( a::get($user, 'email', 'no email') );


Handling requests and validation



if(get('submit')) {

    $email = get('email');

    if(!v::email($email)) {
        echo 'That is not a valid email address';
    } else {
        db::insert('newsletter', array('email' => $email));


  <input type="text" name="email" />
  <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Subscribe" />


Kirby likes PHP 5, Apache on unix systems and MySQL. Everything else is not supported.


Please let me know if you like Kirby or you hate Kirby or whatever: mail@bastian-allgeier.de