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Rhomb Parser

This is a simple template parser. You can define your own parsing methods. The methods go into the methods object. Just follow these simple rules:

the placeholder in the link

starts with a #
  can be followed by a string as a valid JavaScript function name
    and has then to be followed by a `_`
    and has then to be followed by a string as the value for the method
  or can be followed by a string as the placeholder
and ends with a #

If using the first variant this would be something like or

If using the simple placeholder variant, the method text() will be called. The placeholder itself looks like #fist_name# or #last_name#

The matching has to be provided as an object to parseContent() like so:

data = {
  first_name: "Andy",
  last_name: "Wenk"

Why another template parser?

First of all, if you are looking for a template engin, please use Jan Lehnardt's mustache.js

I wrote Rhomb Parser because I wanted to make life easier for people who are not familiar with HTML but have to write snippets of text e.g. in a CMS like system. The only thing you have to know ist the simple convention for writing placeholders. Means just write text and Rhomb Parser will convert it to HTML including to generate URL's.

It is easy to extend the parser by simply adding new methods. Let's say you want to have a placeholder which is producing a bold word, just add a method "bold" and the placeholder would look like #bold_sometext#. The result will be <strong>sometext</strong> or <b>sometext</b>.

Got it? Cool.

What means Rhomb?

For the ones how doesn't know yet - this sign # is a rhomb. And it does not sound too stupid.


  • add tag style like Text Text #/url#
  • add some configuration like wether to replace all '\n' with '<br />' or not and the like
  • replace '<br />' with '<p></p>' because it should be like that.
  • write tests

License BSD

Use it if you find it useful!