A blog post about how to better deal with UserDefaults and stringly typed APIs
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Swift: UserDefaults Protocol

Swift eye for the stringly typed API

Swift 3 brought a tsunami of changes to the language as well as our codebase, some of you reading this may even still be battling with the migration too. But even with all these changes, we’re still left with some APIs within Foundation that are stringly typed, which is totally fine… Until it’s not.

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tl;dr: Turn these

// Set
UserDefaults.standard.set(true, forKey: Constants.Account.isUserLoggedIn.rawValue)

// Get
UserDefaults.standard.bool(forKey: Constants.Account.isUserLoggedIn.rawValue)

Into this

// Set
UserDefaults.Account.set(true, forKey: .isUserLoggedIn)

// Get
UserDefaults.Account.bool(forKey: .isUserLoggedIn)