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SiteHound: easy & powerful website analytics tracking

SiteHound is a drop-in javascript library to make comprehensive analytics tracking a breeze, providing the easiest way to collect and send tracking data to popular tools like Segment and Mixpanel.

Just drop SiteHound into your site's code or via a tag manager, configure some simple options, and you're done.

👉 See www.sitehound.co for full documentation.


  • Instant analytics tracking
    • Track the right things without endless setup & specialist know-how.
  • Great for both marketing & product
    • Better understand your customer sources, behaviour & engagement.
  • Great for startups & large companies
    • Works with any type of site, be it e-commerce, marketplace or B2B.
  • Drop-in Javascript library
    • Easy integration via your tag manager of choice.
  • Supercharge Segment & Mixpanel
    • The easiest way to implement Segment or Mixpanel. Other platforms can be added via adaptors.
  • Enhance your existing tracking
    • Plays nice with existing tracking code, adding useful additional properties and events on top.

© 2016 Andy Young - @andyy
500 Startups Distro Team #500STRONG

SiteHound is free & open-source software, licensed under the GNU GPL v3