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known k8s on azure issues and fixes

azure disk plugin known issues

azure file plugin known issues

azure network known issues

Other issues

1. GET/VirtualMachine has too many ARM api calls

Issue details: There could be ARM api throttling due to too many ARM api calls in a time period.

error logs:

"OperationNotAllowed",\r\n    "message": "The server rejected the request because too many requests have been received for this subscription.


  • Make sure that instance metadata is used. (set true in azure.json) on all nodes (require restarting kubelet+ all master roles on masters and kubelet on nodes).
  • There is a large # of put against ROUTES, was that a multiple scale events, or multiple cluster creation? If that is not the case or they operate large # of clusters in the same subscription then increase "--route-reconciliation-period" on controller-manager (require restart of controller manager).


k8s version fixed version
v1.9 1.9.2
v1.10 1.10.0

2. azure-cli failed to create aks cluster

failed with following error:

The password must contain at least 1 special character. paramName: PasswordCredentials, paramValue: , objectType: Microsoft.Online.DirectoryServices.Application


update SP secret to include special characters for aad


docker run -v ${HOME}:/root -it andyzhangx/azure-cli:2.0.60-aad
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