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Web-based MongoDB admin interface written with Node.js and express


Current features:

  • Supports multiple databases
  • Supports regular user authentication or admin authentication
  • Database blacklist/whitelist
  • View/add/rename/delete collections
  • View/add/update/delete documents

Planned features:

  • Error messages/responses
  • Support for replica set connections
  • Web-based command-line interface
  • Site authentication


  • Requires documents to have an _id property
  • Cannot edit document._id property
  • No pagination yet, can only view first 20 documents (WILL BE FIXED SOON!)


Click here for screenshots:


To install:

npm install mongo-express

Or if you want to install a global copy:

npm install -g mongo-express

To configure:

Open config.js and fill in your MongoDB server connection and admin auth details.

To run:

node app

To use:

Visit http://localhost:8081 or whatever URL/port you entered into your config.

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