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NodeJS package for the Posterous API
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A NodeJS library for working with the posterous API.


(Not working yet)

npm install posterous


Create the Posterous object with a posterous username/password to start using the API methods.

Then call the auth method to fetch the user's API token.

var Posterous = require('posterous');

var posterous = new Posterous('user', 'pass');
posterous.auth(function (err, result) {
  if (err) {
    console.error('Could not fetch API token!');

  //API token fetched, you can now use all the API methods!


All API methods have the same callback:

err - contains the error message if there was an error, or null otherwise.

results - contains the results of the API call, see the Posterous API for more info.

Unit tests

First read the /tests/config/index.sample.js file and create the config file with a Posterous username/password.

Use nodeunit to run the tests in the /tests folder.

API Methods


auth will fetch the API token and save it to the Posterous object for future method calls. After you call auth, you don't need to do anything yourself with the API token.

The callback for auth is slightly different: result will contain the API token directly as a string.


getUser retrieves the current user's information, corresponding to the API endpoint of users/me in the docs.

getSubscriptions([page number,] callback)

getSubscriptions retrieves a list of the user's current subscriptions, corresponding to the API endpoint of users/me/subscriptions.

There is an optional first parameter for specifying the page number of the results.

getSubscriptionPosts([page number,] callback)

getSubscriptionPosts retrieves a list of posts from the user's subscribed sites, corresponding to the API endpoint of users/me/subscriptions/posts.

There is an optional first parameter for specifying the page number of the results.

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