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Manage Go tests inside Emacs
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Rats lets you run Go tests inside emacs, so that you don't need to keep a shell open and run go test yourself. You can either choose to run a single test or multiple, and the results will be displayed in the echo area.


Using the Emacs package manager, make sure that you have MELPA or MELPA stable in the package sources. For information on how to get MELPA in your package sources, please see here.

Once you have installed rats, add this to your initialization script:

(add-hook go-mode-hook #'rats-mode)

Once go-mode activates again, you can now access Rats from the menu, or run commands interactively (see Usage).


If you're in a test file and inside a test, you can use rats-run-test-under-point to run that test. If you're editing a file inside a directory that has tests, rats-run-tests-for-package and it will run all the tests in the directory.

If you want to run a specific test, use rats-run-test-in-current-buffer to run a test from the current buffer. This will list all the tests in the current buffer and let you pick one. The same can be done for the whole package with rats-run-test-from-package.

To view the test report buffer, you can run rats-show-test-buffer.


Binding Description
C-c C-t t Run test under point.
C-c C-t a Run all tests in the current package.
C-c C-t c Choose and run a test from the current buffer, with completion support.
C-c C-t p Choose and run a test from the current package, with completion support.
C-c C-t b Show the test report buffer.
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