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This is the API Reference.

Data is to be accessed through HTTP Requests to https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/
All data is received as JSON.


All requests to the API are HTTP POST Requests unless specified.

System API

This is a HTTP GET Request.

$ curl https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/system
Logging In

The user has to first to login through the following Request:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/login


  • reg-number is to be replaced with your registration number (case insensitive)

  • dob is to be replaced with your date of birth (eg. 12051994)

  • mobile is to be replaced with your Parent's mobile number that is registered with VIT (eg: 9876543210)

  • campus can have the values (case sensitive):

    • vellore
    • chennai
Fetching/Refreshing Data

The data can be fetched (for the first time) or refreshed by the usage of the following request:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/refresh

where the values for reg-number, dob, campus are the same as above.


The token to share the timetable with a friend can be obtained by the following:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/token

The token obtained from above can be used to share timetable data who's credentials were used above to generate the token:

$ curl --data "token=<token>&receiver=<receiver-reg-number>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/share

Sharing can be done directly through:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>&receiver=<receiver-reg-number>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/share

This returns the timetable of the person who's credentials were given.


The academic history and grades can be obtained by the following:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/grades
Faculty Advisor Information

The faculty advisor information can be obtained by the following:

$ curl --data "regno=<reg-number>&dob=<dob>&mobile=<mobile>" https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/advisor

This is a HTTP GET Request.

$ curl https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/<campus>/spotlight
Faculty Information

The information regarding any faculty (Vellore Campus currently) can be obtained by the following:

$ curl https://vitacademics-rel.herokuapp.com/api/v2/vellore/faculty --data "name=<name-of-faculty-as-sent-in-course-details>"

Return Values

A successful login returns a JSON object like the following:

{"reg_no":"<reg-number>","dob":"<dob>","mobile":"<mobile>","campus":"<campus>","name":"<name>","status":{"message":"Successful Execution","code":0}}

A successful refresh would return a JSON having the Course Data, Attendance, Marks for the user in the format:

    dob: <dob>,
    mobile: <mobile>,
    campus: <campus>,
    courses: [{ all courses in a list with all details (faculty name, timings, attendance, marks}],
    semster: <semester-type>,
    refreshed: <timestamp>
    withdrawn_courses: []

A successful token generation would return the token in a JSON:

{"reg_no":<reg-number>, "dob":<dob>, "mobile":"<mobile>", "campus":<campus>, "share":{"token":"ABC123","validity":24,"issued":"<timestamp>"},"status":{"message":"Successful Execution","code":0}}

A share request returns the timetable in JSON.

A grades request returns the academic history in the following format:

   reg_no: <reg-no>,
   dob: <dob>,
   mobile: <mobile>,
   campus: <campus>,
   grades: [ List of All Courses:
    semester_wise: { List of Semesters - "examYear-examMonth" : { credits: , gpa: }}
    grade_summary: {"gradeValue": Number of Times Scored }

A successful fetch for Advisor Information would return the following JSON:

     "reg_no": <reg-no>,
     "dob": <dob>,
     "mobile": <mobile>,
     "campus": <campus>,
     "advisor": {
                    "name": string
                    "designation": string
                    "school": string
                    "division": string
                    "phone": string
                    "email": string
                    "cabin": string
                    "intercom": string

A successful fetch for the spotlight returns data in the following JSON format:

     "campus": <campus>,
     "spotlight": {
                    "academics": [{"text": string, "url": string}],
                    "coe": [{"text": string, "url": string}],
                    "research": [{"text": string, "url": string}]

A successful request for faculty information returns data in the following JSON format:

     "name": string
     "room": string
     "open_hours": [{day: , start_time: , end_time: }]
     "email": string
     "school": string

A system request returns the details regarding the latest and supported versions of the Client Apps on iOS, Android and Windows Platforms in the following format:

    "platform" : {"latest": , "supported": }
    "messages": []
    "status": {}

Any erroneous response can be checked using the status code returned:

  • 0: Success
  • 11: Session Timed Out
  • 12: Invalid Credentials
  • 13: Error Parsing the Captcha
  • 14: Token Expired
  • 15: Requested Data Unavailable
  • 16: Error Parsing Data / Invalid Credentials
  • 50: Feature Incomplete
  • 60: Feature or Endpoint Deprecated
  • 89: VIT servers are down / Connectivity Issue
  • 97: MongoLab Issue / Connectivity Issue
  • 98: Down for Maintenance
  • 99: Unforeseen Error

Key Legends:

Course Type is present in a key called "course_type". It has the following values:

  • CBL Course: 1
  • LBC Course: 2
  • PBL Course: 3
  • RBL Course: 4
  • PBC Course with specific information (like Project Title, Guide (which is "faculty")): 5
  • PBC Course with no such information: 6
  • Unsupported Course Type: 0 (Something new that VIT has introduced)

Any issues, bugs or features you would like to be added can be reported here.

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