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Build Status My Home Assistant Config

I am using tasker directly with API calls to Home Assistant in order to trigger scenes based on location mostly and also act as a quick toggle for devices/scenes.

Also heavily utilizing AppDaemon for advanced automations/dashboard. See Appdaemon config for more.

My Home Assistant installtion contains many different components and runs on a Gen7 i3 NUC running Centos 7:

  • Sonoff Switches (
  • Orvibo Switches
  • Radio Thermostat CT-50 (monitoring done through bash script calling API and publishing to MQTT)
  • Raspberry Pi hosted USB Camera (M-JPEG streamer)
  • Milights with wifi bridge (bulbs and 5050 LED controller)
  • D1 Mini boards with DHT Sensors and other shields publishing to MQTT
  • Wemo wall plug(s)
  • Aeon Labs ZW090 Z Stick
  • Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 - z-Wave Minimote
  • GE Z-wave in-wall switch/fan controllers
  • "Joyneed LED light Bulb Plug Wireless Lamp Adapter" for clean, W.A.F lamp control
    • Using for compatibility
    • Have to sniff TuyaSmart Android app communication with Packet Capture Android app to get key and UUID
      • Open TuyaSmart --> Add --> All Devices --> Other products --> Confirm --> Switch to packet capture and start sniffing --> etc.
  • Various z-wave sensors
  • Various MQTT Sensors (eg: moon status, determined using bash and published to MQTT))
  • Arlo Cameras (controlled through IFTTT)
  • AppDaemon controlling a majority of automations.
  • Amazon Echo Dot/Echo
    • Home Assistant Emulated Huei (devices are explicitly exposed via customize.yaml.
    • Custom skills via Alexa API.
    • Custom "Routines" configured in the Alexa App.
  • MQTT Remote and local server (via Docker). Using remote with SSL for owntracks (on a box through Digital Ocean with static public IP), and local MQTT to communicate with various sensors/switches around the house. The remote MQTT shares messages with the local via a MQTT bridge.
  • Custom weather card from

Also using Grafana/Influx for graphing, both running in Docker containers on my NUC.

Thanks to Deviant Engineer ( for the guide(s) that helped me stay sane during installation!!