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The controllable image viewer


  • Key mapping
  • Mouse mapping (+ with screen region)
  • Multi control source (stdin, fifo file, and user specified command's stdout)
  • Multi cell view
  • Many operation commands
  • Support HTTP(s)
  • Support Archive (zip, lha, rar, tar.gz and more)
  • Color config (window, statusbar, error text)
  • Shuffle
  • Directory expanding
  • Cherenkov
  • Shell script friendly output (stdout)

Multi cell view

Press 3v2V for 3x2.

Multi cell view


Map to button with @map input button-2 @cherenkov --color blue --radius 0.02. And click with wheel.


Original -> Cherenkoved

Command line

chrysoberyl <OPTIONS>... (<FILE>|<DIRECTORY>)
chrysoberyl <OPTIONS>... <OPERATION_COMMAND>... ["@@" (<FILE>|<DIRECTORY>)...]
chrysoberyl (--print-path|-v)
chrysoberyl (--version|-v)
chrysoberyl (--help|-h)


Name Description
--silent Suppress stdout
--shuffle|-z Shuffle entries
--expand|e Expand directory (@expand)
--expand-recursive|-E Expand directory (@expand)
(--max-curl-threads|-t) <N_THREADS> Set maximum curl threads
(--input|-i) <PATH> Create the file to input operation commands
--encoding <ENCODING> Set filename encoding for archives (zip, rar, ...).
--role <WINDOW_ROLE> Set window role
--use-gtk-theme Use GTK theme


Open a PDF file.

$ chrysoberyl ~/my-books/rust-nomicon.pdf

Set some options (operation commands), then open a PDF file.

$ chrysoberyl @@views 2 @@set reverse @@ ~/my-books/rust-nomicon.pdf

Print the file or directory path used by chrysoberyl.

$ chrysoberyl --print-path

Operation commands

You can use below commands on STDIN of chrysoberyl.


Backword history


Change working directory.

@cherenkov [(--radius|-r) ] [(--random-hue|--hue|-h) ] [(--spokes|-s) ] [-x ] [-y ] [(-c|--color) <CSS_COLOR>] [--seed|-S]

Cherenkoves current image.




Clear image entries.

@clip [ [ [ []]]]

Clip by mouse selected rectangle.

@command-line <INITIAL_COMMAND>

Show command line with <INITIAL_COMMAND>.


Open <PATH> file to control chrysoberyl.


Open <PATH> fifo file to control chrysoberyl.

@controller-socket) [--as-binary|-b]

Open <PATH> socket to control chrysoberyl.

@copy-to-clipboard [--meta <KEY_VALUE>] [--primary|-1|--secondary|-2|--clipboard]

Copy currently viewing image to clipboard.


Set count explicitly.

@cycle [...]

Cycle the value of OPTION.


Decrement the value of OPTION.


Load default configuration.

@define-switch <SWITCH_NAME> <OPERATIONS_1> @@ <OPERATIONS_2> @@ ...

Define user switch. Each operations are speparated by @@.

If you define as below...

@define-switch my-option ; @views 1 ; @disable reverse @@ ; @views 2 ; @enable reverse

then you can use @cycle my-option to execute ; @views 1 ; @disable reverse or ; @views 2 ; @enable reverse.


Delete the selected entries by FILTER_EXPRESSION.


Disable OPTION.

@disable reverse equals @set reverse false.


Redraw image.

@editor [(--file|-f) ] [(--session|-s) ] [--comment-out|-c] [<COMMAND_LINE>]


  • options
  • entries
  • paths
  • position
  • mappings
  • envs
  • filter
  • reading
  • all


Enable OPTION.

@enable reverse equals @set reverse true.

@eval ...

Expand ENV variables in <OPERATION>....


@query @eval @mark $CHRY_QUERY
@query @eval @jump --load $CHRY_QUERY

@expand [--recursive|-r|--rec] []

Add directory entries (image) on PATH.

@file-move [--fail|-f] [--overwrite|-o] [--new|--new-file-name|-n] [(--size|-s) ] [--as-filepath|-F] []

Move the current image file to DIRECTORY.

If destination file exists...

if --fail is given, then file operation fails. if --new is given, then file operation succeeds with generated new file name. if --overwrite is given, then overwrites destination file.

@file-copy [--fail|-f] [--overwrite|-o] [--new|--new-file-name|-n] [(--size|-s) ] [--as-filepath|-F] []

Copy the current image file to DIRECTORY. See @file-move to get more information.

@fill [(--shape|-s) ] [(--cell-index|-i) <CELL_INDEX>] [(--region|-r) ] [(--color|-c) <CSS_COLOR>] [(--operator|-o) ] [--mask|-m]

Fill the shape.

You can use @fill with mapping.

@map region button-3 @fill --mask --filler circle --color red

@filter [(--dynamic|-d)] [(--static|-s)] <FILTER_EXPRESSION>

Filter entries.


Fire mapped input/event. @fire does not support region mapping.

(@first|@f) [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] []

Show COUNTth entry.


Pull all buffered entries. See $CHRY_REMOTE_BUFFER, if you want to get the number of buffered entries.


Insert NUMBER flyleaves.


Forword history


Make fragile operation file. You can write operation commands on this file to operate chrysoberyl.

@go []

Show the entry. PATH is entry path/URL. INDEX is page index of archive/PDF. This operation does not add any entry.


Increment the value of OPTION.

@input [...]

Feed input event.


Kill a timer named NAME.

(@last|@l) [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] []

Show COUNTth (from last) entry.

@load [(--search-path|-p)]

Load operation script file. If --search-path is given, load from search-path.

@load-ui [(--search-path|-p)]

Load *.glade file. See Glade - A User Interface Designer.

@map (input|event|region|operation) ...

@map input [(--region|-r) ]

Key/Mouse mapping. See STDOUT of chrysoberyl for INPUT.

@map event [--once|o] [(--repeat|-r) ] <EVENT_NAME>

When EVENT_NAME is fired, execute OPERATION

@map region <MOUSE_BUTTON>

For @clip and @fill.

@message [--keep|-k] []

If <MESSAGE> is not given, remove message. If --keep is given, keep current message.



@move-again [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] []

Move again by previous method.

@multi [--async|-a] [--sync|-s] <OPERATIONS_1> [ <OPERATIONS_2>]...

Execute multiple operations at once.

@multi <> @first 42 <> @views 2 <> @shell xmessage "at 42"

";" <OPERATIONS_1> [";" <OPERATIONS_2>]...

Same as @multi.

; @first 42 ; @views 2 ; @shell xmessage "at 42"

(@next|@n) [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] [--forget|-f] []

Show COUNTth next entry.

@page [<PAGE_NUMBER>]

Show COUNT entry of the currently viewing archive/PDF.

@pdf-index [--async|-a] [--sync|-s] [--operation|-o] [--no-operation|-O] [--separator ] [(--format|-f) ] <COMMAND_ARG1>...

Execute shell COMMAND. Chrysoberyl passes PDF Index data to the STDIN of the COMMAND process.


  • "1" | "one-line" | "one" | "o"
  • "2" | "two-lines" | "two" | "t"
  • "indented" | "indent" | "i"

@link-action [...]


@map input button-1 @link-action @next

(@prev|@p|@previous) [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] [--forget|-f] []

Show COUNTth previous entry.

@push [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--force|-f]

Add a entry. PATH is URL, file or directory.

@push-archive [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--force|-f]

Add a archive file.

@push-clipboard [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--operation|-o] [--primary|-1|--secondary|-2|--clipboard]

Add a clipboard image.

(@push-directory|@push-dir) [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--force|-f]

Add the images that the DIRECTORY contains.

@push-image [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--force|-f] [--expand|-e] [--expand-recursive|-E]

Add a image. If --expand (or --expand-recursive) is given, add the images that the directory of PATH contains.


Add a next file.


Add a PDF file.


Add a previous file.

@push-url [--meta <KEY_VALUE>]... [--force|-f] [(--type|-t|--as) ]

Add a URL to image/PDF/archive.


  • image
  • archive
  • pdf


See you.


Show a entry randomly.

@record ...

Record to history

(@refresh|@r) [--image|-i]

Refresh something. If --image is given, clear the caches for currently viewing entries.


Remove any effects (cherenkov etc).

@save [(--target|-t) ]

Write the session data to PATH. You can @load PATH file to restore current session.

@scroll [(--size|-s) ] [--crush|-c] [--reset|-r] (up|down|left|right) [...]

Scroll image. If no SIZE is given, scroll size is 1.0.

@search [--backward|-b] [(-c|--color) <CSS_COLOR>]

Search text with TEXT, and highlights them.


Set option value.

@set-env [--prefix|-p] [--system-prefix|-P]

Set ENV. --prefix adds CHRY_X_ to NAME. --system-prefix adds CHRY_ to NAME.


Set COUNT as value to OPTION.

@shell [--async|-a] [--sync|-s] [(--session|-S) ]... [--operation|-o] [--no-operation|-O] [--search-path|-p] [--as-binary|-b] <COMMAND_ARG1>...

Execute shell command. If --operation is given, chrysoberyl read the STDOUT of the command as operation commands.

@shell-filter [--search-path|-p] <COMMAND_ARG1>...

Execute COMMAND and pass the STDOUT of chrysoberyl to the COMMAND STDIN.

@show [--wrap|-w] [--archive|-a] [--ignore-views|-i] []

Show the entry. This operation does not consider views.


Shuffle entries.

@sort [--accessed|-a] [--created|-c] [--modified|-m] [--reverse|-r] [--fix|-f] [ <COMMAND_ARG1>...]

Sort entries.

@timer [(--name|-n) ] [(--repeat|-r) ] [--infinity|-i] [--async|-a] [--sync|-s] <INTERVAL_SEC> ...

Execute OPERATION repeatedly.

@timer -i next-page 1.5 @next

You can use @kill-timer to stop this task.


Toggle between option values (true/false).


Restore from @clip.

@undo []

Undo some operations (fill/cherenkov).


If the result of FILTER_EXPRESSION evaluation is false, execute the operation.

@unmap (input|region|event|operation)

Unmap the @mapped.


Set default value.

@update [--image] [--image-options|-o] [--status|-s] [--message|-m] [--pointer|-p]

For developper.



(@views|@v) []

Set the number of view cells. The default of ROWS is 1.

If you want to read a manga, maybe you should...

@views 2


If the result of FILTER_EXPRESSION evaluation is true, execute the operation.

@write [--index <CELL_INDEX>]

Write current entry image to PATH. @write generate the image that is all effects applyed.

<KEY_VALUE> format





Name Type Default Description
abbrev-length unsigned integer Max length for CRHY_ABBREV_PATH
animation boolean Support animation GIF
auto-reload boolean Reload current viewingly images when they are updated.
auto-paging no/always/smart
curl-connect-timeout unsigned integer 10 cURL option (seconds)
curl-follow-location boolean true cURL option
curl-low-speed-limit unsigned integer cURL option
curl-low-speed-time unsigned integer cURL option
curl-timeout type: unsigned integer none cURL option (seconds)
empty-status-format string-or-file Status bar format for empty. Give a string or a mruby script file path (e.g. @~/.config/chrysoberyl/status.rb)
fit-to width/height/original/original-or-cell/cell/XXX%/WIDTHxHEIGHT cell
idle-time real number 0.25 Delay time for idle event
history-file path none STDIN input history file
horizontal-flip boolean Flip images horizontally
horizontal-views unsigned integer Number of horizontal cells (1 or more)
initial-positoin top-left/top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right Initial image position in cell
log-file path none Path for log
mask-operator mark operators
path path Script search path
pre-render boolean true
pre-render-limit unsigned integer 100 1 or more
pre-render-pages unsigned integer 5 1 ore more
reverse boolean false
rotation 0/1/2/3
screen main/command-line/log-view/ui
status-bar boolean true
status-bar-align left/center/right center
status-bar-height unsigned integer none 1 or more
status-format string-or-file Give a string or a mruby script file path (e.g. @~/.config/chrysoberyl/status.rb)
style string-or-file Give a CSS string or a CSS file path (e.g. @~/.config/chrysoberyl/style.css)
title-format string-or-file Give a string or a mruby script file path (e.g. @~/.config/chrysoberyl/title.rb)
vertical-flip boolean Flip images vertically
vertical-views unsigned integer Number of vertical cells (1 or more)
update-cache-atime boolean false
watch-files Fire file-changed event when currently viewing images are updated
skip-resize-window unsigned integer TODO

Mask operators

  • clear
  • source
  • over
  • in
  • out
  • atop
  • dest
  • dest-over
  • dest-in
  • dest-out
  • dest-atop
  • xor
  • add
  • saturate
  • multiply
  • screen
  • overlay
  • darken
  • lighten
  • color-dodge
  • color-burn
  • hard-light
  • soft-light
  • difference
  • exclusion
  • hsl-hue
  • hsl-saturation
  • hsl-color
  • hsl-luminosity


You can use @editor to see current option values.

@editor --session all $EDITOR

Supportted operations

unsigned integer : @set, @unset, @increase, @decrease, @cycle


  • at-first
  • at-last
  • download-all
  • error
  • file-changed
  • idle
  • initialize
  • invalid-all
  • mapped-input
  • quit
  • resize-window
  • show-image-pre
  • show-image
  • spawn
  • void

Filter Expression

Expr ← Block | Bool | Cond | Logic | 'not' Expr
Block ← '(' Expr ')' | '{' Expr '}'
Logic ← Bool LogicOp Expr
Bool ← Compare | BoolVariable | 'true' | 'false'
Cond ← 'if' Expr Expr Expr | 'when' Expr Expr | 'unless' Expr Expr
BoolOp ← 'and' | 'or'
Compare ← Value CmpOp Value
CmpOp ← '<' | '<=' | '>' | '>=' | '=' | '==' | '!=' | '=*' | '!*'
Value ← Glob | Integer | Variable
Variable ← 'type' | 'width' | 'height' | 'path' | 'ext' | 'extension' | 'dimensions' | 'name' | 'filesize' | 'page' | 'pages' | 'real-pages' | 'ratio'
Glob ← '<' string '>'
BoolVariable ← 'animation' | 'active'

User Defined UI

Chrysoberyl supports *.glade file. You can execute @load-ui to load the UI you defined and execute @set screen ui to show the UI.

When you click a named widget or type Return on Entry), chrysoberyl fire the event. (If you name a widget with foo, ui-foo will be fired) Some events have the environment variable $CHRY_VALUE.

Supported widget types

  • Button
  • ComboBoxText
  • Entry
  • RadioButton
  • Scale
  • Switch