SAML authentication plugin for phpBB3

phpBB SAML Authentication plugin

This plugin enables your board users to log in through SAML.


simpleSAMLphp v1.x is required.

Setting it up might be rather complex, depending on your needs.


In simpleSAMLphp, configure a Service Provider for you phpBB board.

In the metadata, add a RelayState to your board login page.

$metadata[''] = array(
  /* AssertionConsumer, SSO... */
  'RelayState' => '',

This a bit of a hack to trick phpBB into actually doing the authentication and redirects.

Install the phpBB SAML Auth plugin just as any other plugin.

Then in the ACP, under Authentication, select Saml and fill in the related fields according to your setup.

In Case of Emergency

If you happened to be locked out of your board, don't panic.

Change the authentication method in the DB table phpbb3_config back to db. Clear phpbb sessions and caches and you should get access to your board again.

Bugs, Ideas and the Like

Kindly use the GitHub issue tracker :)