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Revision Assignment

This is your final assignment for the this course. It will count for 12.5% of your final grade. For this assignment, you will extend a project you've already worked on for the course. You may treat your previous project as a rough draft and work on improving it significantly to match your vision for it. Or you may treat your previous project as a kind of sketch, just a warm up for a bigger, better version. You should not think of this project as simply fixing some stuff that I commented on in your previous project (you can do this for the regrading opportunity). You should instead think of it as an opportunity to do something you're really proud of, something you might showcase professionally or something that will extend your skills significantly.

Assignment details

  • Your revised project will take a different shape based on your chosen medium: perhaps a triptych of images, a short audio piece, a 1min kinetic typography piece, a polished website.
  • As always, be sure to credit your sources and be aware of copyright law in your use of them. If you are publishing your work online, make sure that you have a legitimate fair use claim.
  • Designer's Statement of 500-750 words that describes your composing process, triumphs, frustrations, things you learned, how you revised based on feedback from class, etc. This Statement should also clearly articulate your vision for your piece.
  • Rough draft available to talk with me about in class on 12/6. When I look at your draft, I can give you a sense of whether it's enough to count for this revision assignment.
  • Full draft of your project made available in class (either online or on your computer for the class to look at) on 12/8.
  • Final versions of your project and Designer's Statement to be graded due 12/15 (11:59pm) on Pitt Box.


I will assess your animation project based on these criteria:

  • Do you follow the terms of the assignment, including turning in your files in the correct format?
  • Have you included your Designer's Statement and explained your choices and vision well?
  • Have you engaged with your chosen medium in a more sophisticated way than in the initial attempt for this class? In other words, is this a significantly different and more polished project than you did before in this medium?
  • Have you included credits for all of your source materials either in your Statement or, if it's a website, on the website itself?
  • Have you done something interesting and new or stretched your skills in some way?

Where and how to turn in your work

You will turn in your 500-750 word Designer's Statement in your Pitt Box folder along with a link to your project, or your actual project files. If you are working in Audacity or Photoshop, would like to see the raw files (aup + data folder or psd files) as well as the distributable files (mp3 or jpg/png).

A few tips on composing this assignment

This assignment should be thought of as significantly different from a regrading of your previous work. Think of the time you spent on previous projects for this class. This assignment is worth the same amount as your other projects for your final grade so you should spend as much if not more time on it than you did on your other projects. Your final product shouldn't look amateurish; it should look pretty darn good.

Goals of this assignment

I hope that this assignment will help you:

  • Explore more deeply one of the media and software programs you got a taste of earlier in the semester.
  • Help you get closer to executing your creative vision for a particular project.
  • Give you something to show off professionally.

Good luck and come see me in class or office hours for feedback or questions on your work.