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;;; -*- mode:lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
(in-package fast-compute)
(defun has-minus-p (expr)
(match expr
(`(- ,_) t)))
(defun has-div-p (expr)
(match expr
(`(/ ,(type number _)) nil)
(`(/ ,_) t)
(`(- (/ ,_)) t)))
;; Common subset extractor code
(defcontext common-subset-extract (op #'inv-func #'inv-p)
;; Mapping of original canonic-expr's to current content bags
(deflex work-bags (make-hash-table))
;; Set of work-bags keys still in processing
(deflex active-set (empty-set))
;; Queue of subsets to extract, in form (cons penalty bag)
(deflex pull-queue (empty-set))
;; Specifies where the subset comes from (used for efficiency)
(deflex pull-index (with-default (empty-map) (empty-set))) ; subset bag -> old-expr*
(defun get-state () ; for debug
(values (hash-table-alist work-bags)
active-set pull-queue pull-index))
;; Misc. conversions
(defun invert (expr-bag)
(image #f(canonic inv-func _) expr-bag))
(defun bag-to-expr (expr-bag)
(let ((ilist (convert 'list expr-bag)))
(if (cdr ilist)
(make-canonic (list* op ilist))
(car ilist))))
(defun expr-to-bag (expr)
(let ((ce (canonic-expr-unwrap expr)))
(assert (and (consp ce) (eql (car ce) op)))
(convert 'bag (mapcar #'make-canonic (cdr ce)))))
;; Queue
(defun bag-queue-descriptor (expr-bag)
(cons (cons (- (size expr-bag)) ; Prioritize largest
;; Prioritize least inverted:
(count-if #f(canonic-in inv-p _) expr-bag))
(defun dequeue-bag (expr-bag)
(removef pull-queue (bag-queue-descriptor expr-bag))
(removef pull-index expr-bag))
(defun queue-bag (expr-bag &rest exprs)
(adjoinf pull-queue (bag-queue-descriptor expr-bag))
(unionf (@ pull-index expr-bag) (convert 'set exprs)))
(defun get-next-cut ()
(let* ((head (least pull-queue))
(bag (cdr head))
(exprs (@ pull-index bag)))
(removef pull-queue head)
(removef pull-index bag)
(values bag exprs)))
;; Subset finder
(defun requeue-expr (expr)
(let* ((expr-bag (gethash expr work-bags))
(inv-bag (invert expr-bag)))
(when (>= (size expr-bag) 2)
;; Iterate active expressions
(do-set (expr2 active-set)
(let* ((bag2 (gethash expr2 work-bags))
(intf (intersection expr-bag bag2))
(inti (intersection inv-bag bag2)))
;; Queue forward match
(when (> (size intf) 1)
(queue-bag intf expr expr2))
;; Queue inverted match
(when (> (size inti) 1)
(queue-bag inti expr expr2)
(queue-bag (invert inti) expr expr2))))
;; Activate the expression
(adjoinf active-set expr))))
(defun enqueue-expr (expr)
(setf (gethash expr work-bags) (expr-to-bag expr))
(requeue-expr expr))
;; Split cycle
(defun process-one-split ()
(multiple-value-bind (cut-bag exprs) (get-next-cut)
(let* ((inv-bag (invert cut-bag))
(cut-expr (bag-to-expr cut-bag))
(inv-expr (canonic inv-func cut-expr))
(changed-exprs (empty-set))
(scan-set (less (intersection exprs active-set)
;; Kill the opposite
(dequeue-bag inv-bag)
;; Process pending expressions
(do-set (expr scan-set)
(let* ((cur-bag (gethash expr work-bags))
(changed nil))
;; Forward split
(do ((cnt 0 (1+ cnt)))
((not (subbag? cut-bag cur-bag))
(setf cur-bag (with cur-bag cut-expr cnt)))
(setf changed t)
(setf cur-bag (bag-difference cur-bag cut-bag)))
;; Inverted split
(do ((cnt 0 (1+ cnt)))
((not (subbag? inv-bag cur-bag))
(setf cur-bag (with cur-bag inv-expr cnt)))
(setf changed t)
(setf cur-bag (bag-difference cur-bag inv-bag)))
;; Save changes
(when changed
(adjoinf changed-exprs expr)
(setf (gethash expr work-bags) cur-bag))))
;; Register the new node
(unless (or (empty? changed-exprs)
(gethash cut-expr work-bags))
(setf (gethash cut-expr work-bags) cut-bag)
(adjoinf changed-exprs cut-expr))
;; Requeue changed expressions
(setf active-set (set-difference active-set changed-exprs))
(do-set (expr changed-exprs)
(requeue-expr expr)))))
(defun process-splits ()
(until (empty? pull-queue)
;; Output mapping
(defun make-replace-hash (&optional (hash (make-hash-table)))
(maphash (lambda (expr bag)
(let ((new-expr (bag-to-expr bag)))
(unless (eql expr new-expr)
(setf (gethash expr hash) new-expr))))
(defun process-all (exprs repl-table)
(mapc #'enqueue-expr exprs)
(make-replace-hash repl-table)))
;; Wrapper
(defun split-by-cse (expr)
(let ((expr-table (make-hash-table))
(add-list nil)
(mul-list nil)
(fix-table (make-hash-table)))
;; Collect additions and multiplications
(count-subexprs-rec (canonic-expr-unwrap expr) expr-table)
(maphash (lambda (sub cnt)
(match sub
(`(+ ,@_)
(push (make-canonic sub) add-list))
(`(* ,@_)
(push (make-canonic sub) mul-list))))
;; Determine the splits
(with-context (common-subset-extract '+ #'toggle-minus #'has-minus-p)
(process-all add-list fix-table))
(with-context (common-subset-extract '* #'toggle-div #'has-div-p)
(process-all mul-list fix-table))
;; Substitute them
(canonic-substitute fix-table expr :replace-once nil)))
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