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;;; -*- mode:lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
(defpackage formula
(:documentation "A reader macro to support Waterloo Maple infix expressions in code")
(in-package formula)
;;; Symbol to use for array indexing
(defparameter *index-access-symbol* 'aref)
;;; Allow underscores in identifiers
(defun ident-char-p (c) (or (alpha-char-p c) (eql c #\_)))
(defun ident-num-char-p (c) (or (alphanumericp c) (eql c #\_)))
(defun float-num-char-p (c) (or (digit-char-p c) (eql c #\.)))
(defun whitespace-char-p (c)
(case c
((#\space #\return #\linefeed #\tab #\newline) t)
(t nil)))
(defun append-str-char (s c)
(concatenate 'string s (coerce (list c) 'string)))
;;; ***** SCANNER *****
(defcontext formula-scanner (stream recursive-p)
(defun read-c (&optional force)
(read-char stream force nil recursive-p))
(defun peek-c (&optional mode force)
(peek-char mode stream force nil recursive-p))
(defun unread-c (c)
(unread-char c stream))
;; Read characters that match cond-p as a string
(defun read-string (cond-p)
(do ((c (read-c) (read-c))
(lst () (cons c lst)))
((or (null c) (not (funcall cond-p c)))
(when c (unread-c c))
(coerce (reverse lst) 'string))))
;; Read a token from the stream
(defun read-token ()
(let ((c (peek-c t t))) ; Skip whitespace & require non-eof
;; Number
((or (digit-char-p c) (eql c #\.))
(let ((num-text (read-string #'float-num-char-p))
(next-c (peek-c)))
(when (find next-c '(#\E #\e)) ; Exponent
(setq num-text (append-str-char num-text next-c)
next-c (peek-c))
(when (find next-c '(#\+ #\-)) ; Allow sign after exponent
(setq num-text (append-str-char num-text next-c)))
(setq num-text ; Eat the actual digits
(concatenate 'string num-text
(read-string #'digit-char-p))))
(read-from-string num-text)))
;; Symbol token: quoted
((eql c #\$)
(if (or (eql (peek-c) #\() ; $(...) - lisp code splicing
(eql (peek-c) #\,)) ; $,... - lisp antiquotation
(read stream t nil recursive-p)
;; Quoted symbol
(let* ((name (read-string #'(lambda (cc) (not (eql cc #\$)))))
(split-pos (search ":" name))
(package (if split-pos
(string-upcase (subseq name 0 split-pos))
(ident (if split-pos
(subseq name (1+ split-pos))
(read-c t)
(intern (string-upcase ident) package))))
;; Symbol token: plain
((ident-char-p c)
(let ((name (read-string #'ident-num-char-p))
(package *package*)
(next-c (peek-c)))
;; Handle package names:
(when (eql next-c #\:)
(setq package (string-upcase name))
(setq name (read-string #'ident-num-char-p)))
(intern (string-upcase name) package)))
;; Comparisons
((find c '(#\/ #\< #\> #\! #\:))
(let ((cc (read-c))
(next-c (peek-c)))
(if (eql next-c #\=)
(intern (coerce (list cc next-c) 'string) 'formula))
;; Logical ops
((eql c #\&)
(let ((nc (peek-c)))
(if (eql nc c)
(progn (read-c) '|&&|)
((eql c #\|)
(let ((nc (peek-c)))
(if (eql nc c)
(progn (read-c) '|\|\||)
;; Semicolon
((eql c #\;)
;; Semicolons are used as a comment marker by lisp, so disallow
;; any non-whitespace between the semicolon and the newline in
;; order to avoid confusing syntax highlighting, etc.
(let ((line (read-line stream nil "" recursive-p)))
(unless (every #'whitespace-char-p line)
(error "Semicolon must be followed by a newline in formula: ...;~A" line)))))
;; Comment: support #| ... |#
((eql c #\#)
(if (eql (peek-c) #\|)
(when (and (eql (read-c t) #\|)
(eql (peek-c) #\#))
;; Any other character
(t (read-c)))))
;; Reads tokens until a certain one is reached
(defun read-tokens-until (end)
(do ((item (read-token) (read-token))
(lst () (cons item lst)))
((eql item end)
(reverse lst)))))
;;; ***** PARSER *****
;;; Read a comma-delimited list of expressions
(defun parse-expr-list (tokens &optional lst)
(multiple-value-bind (expr tail) (parse-expr tokens)
(if (eql (car tail) #\,)
(parse-expr-list (cdr tail) (cons expr lst))
(values (reverse (cons expr lst)) tail))))
;;; Read an expression and eat a token after it
(defun parse-wrapped (tokens parser rbrace msg &optional (wrapper #'identity))
(multiple-value-bind (rv tail) (funcall parser (cdr tokens))
(unless (eql (car tail) rbrace)
(error "Expecting '~A' after ~A, '~A' found" rbrace msg (car tail)))
(values (funcall wrapper rv) (cdr tail))))
;;; Parse array indexes and function arguments
(defun parse-expr-atom-idx (expr tokens)
(case (car tokens)
(parse-wrapped tokens #'parse-expr-list #\] "index list"
#'(lambda (indexes) `(,*index-access-symbol* ,expr ,@indexes))))
(parse-wrapped tokens #'parse-expr-list #\) "argument list"
#'(lambda (args) `(,expr ,@args))))
(values expr tokens))))
;;; Parse atomic expressions
(defun parse-expr-atom (tokens)
(let ((head (car tokens)))
((or (symbolp head) (numberp head) (consp head))
(parse-expr-atom-idx head (cdr tokens)))
((eql head #\()
(parse-wrapped tokens #'parse-expr #\) "nested expression"))
(error "Invalid token '~A' in expression" (car tokens))))))
;;; A macro for binary operator parsing
(defmacro binary-ops (lhs lassoc &body oplst)
"Args: (lhs lassoc &body oplst)"
(let* ((cont-expr (if lassoc 'loop-fun 'values))
(rule-list (mapcar #'(lambda (opspec)
`(,(first opspec) ; Operator token
(multiple-value-bind (right-expr tail)
(,(second opspec) (cdr tail)) ; Handler function
(,cont-expr ,(third opspec) tail)))) ; Expression
(op-checks `(case (car tail)
(t (values left-expr tail)))))
(if lassoc
`(multiple-value-bind (left-expr tail) ,lhs
(labels ((loop-fun (left-expr tail) ,op-checks))
(loop-fun left-expr tail)))
`(multiple-value-bind (left-expr tail) ,lhs ,op-checks))))
;;; Main recursive descent grammar
(defun parse-expr-pow (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-atom tokens) nil
(#\^ parse-expr-unary `(expt ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-unary (tokens) ; Parse unary + and -
(case (car tokens)
(#\+ (parse-expr-pow (cdr tokens)))
(#\- (multiple-value-bind (pexpr tail) (parse-expr-pow (cdr tokens))
(values `(- ,pexpr) tail)))
(#\! (multiple-value-bind (pexpr tail) (parse-expr-pow (cdr tokens))
(values `(not ,pexpr) tail)))
(t (parse-expr-pow tokens))))
(defun parse-expr-mul (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-unary tokens) t
(#\* parse-expr-unary `(* ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(#\/ parse-expr-unary `(/ ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-add (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-mul tokens) t
(#\+ parse-expr-mul `(+ ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(#\- parse-expr-mul `(- ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-cmp (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-add tokens) nil
(#\= parse-expr-add `(= ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(#\< parse-expr-add `(< ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(<= parse-expr-add `(<= ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(>= parse-expr-add `(>= ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(!= parse-expr-add `(/= ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(/= parse-expr-add `(/= ,left-expr ,right-expr))
(#\> parse-expr-add `(> ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-and (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-cmp tokens) t
(|&&| parse-expr-cmp `(and ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-or (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-and tokens) t
(|\|\|| parse-expr-and `(or ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr (tokens)
(labels ((read-branch (tokens)
(multiple-value-bind (texpr tail)
(parse-wrapped (cons nil tokens) ; parse-wrapped ignores car
#'parse-expr #\: "conditional")
(multiple-value-bind (fexpr tail)
(parse-expr tail)
(values (list texpr fexpr) tail)))))
(binary-ops (parse-expr-or tokens) nil
(#\? read-branch `(if ,left-expr ,@right-expr)))))
(defun parse-expr-assn (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr tokens) nil
(|:=| parse-expr `(setf ,left-expr ,right-expr))))
(defun parse-expr-progn (tokens)
(binary-ops (parse-expr-assn tokens) t
(#\; parse-expr-assn
(if (and (consp left-expr)
(eql (car left-expr) 'progn))
(append left-expr (list right-expr))
`(progn ,left-expr ,right-expr)))))
;;; ***** READER MACRO *****
;;; A reader macro to parse infix expressions
(defun expr-reader (stream sc &optional arg)
(let ((tokens (with-context (formula-scanner stream t)
(read-tokens-until #\}))))
(multiple-value-bind (expr tail) (parse-expr-progn tokens)
(if (null tail)
(error "Tokens beyond the end of expression: ~A" tail)))))
(defmacro enable-expr-quotes ()
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :execute)
(set-macro-character #\{ #'expr-reader)
(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\{ #'expr-reader)
(set-macro-character #\} (get-macro-character #\) nil))))