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;;; -*- mode:lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
(in-package fast-compute)
(defun get-num-step (step)
(match step
(`(* ,x) x)
(_ (or step 1))))
(defun get-ord-step (step)
(match step
(`(* ,_) nil)
(_ step)))
(defun index-iterexpr (item iname &key (as iname) (var as) step (skip '(0 0))
(skip-low (car skip)) (skip-high (cadr skip)))
(unless (symbolp var)
(error "Expecting a symbol for dimension '~A', found: ~A" iname var))
(destructuring-bind (iname minv maxv &key (by 1) (bands 1)) item
(if (> bands 1)
;; Multiple bands
(let* ((dimension (cadr (index-dimension item)))
(num-step (get-num-step step))
(one-step (if (> num-step 0) 1 -1))
(band-step (if (>= (abs num-step) bands) bands num-step))
(line-step (if (>= (abs num-step) bands) (/ num-step bands) one-step))
(band-min (if (< skip-low (abs band-step)) skip-low 0))
(band-max (if (< skip-high (abs band-step)) skip-high 0))
(line-min (if (>= skip-low bands) (/ skip-low bands) 0))
(line-max (if (>= skip-high bands) (/ skip-high bands) 0))
(var-range (ranging-spec var
(simplify-index `(- (- ,dimension ,line-max) 1))
line-step (get-ord-step step) nil)))
(unless (and (integerp band-step) (integerp line-step)
(= (mod bands band-step) 0))
(error "~A: step ~A does not match band count ~A"
iname num-step bands))
(unless (and (integerp line-min)
(= (+ (* bands line-min) band-min) skip-low))
(error "~A: cannot skip-low ~A with ~A bands and step ~A"
iname skip-low bands num-step))
(unless (and (integerp line-max)
(= (+ (* bands line-max) band-max) skip-high))
(error "~A: cannot skip-high ~A with ~A bands and step ~A"
iname skip-high bands num-step))
(when (>= (+ band-min band-max) (abs band-step))
(error "~A: cannot skip (~A + ~A) with ~A bands and step ~A"
iname skip-low skip-high bands num-step))
(if (= bands (abs band-step))
(let* ((band-value (if (> one-step 0) band-min
(- (- bands band-max) 1)))
(expr `(+ (* (+ (* ,var-range ,bands) ,band-value) ,by) ,minv)))
(values (cons var expr) (list var-range)))
(let* ((band-var (get-new-symbol :stem var))
(band-range (ranging-spec band-var
band-min (- (- bands band-max) 1)
band-step band-step
(expr `(+ (* (+ (* ,var-range ,bands) ,band-range) ,by) ,minv)))
(setf (get band-var 'band-master) var)
(values (cons var expr) (list band-range var-range)))))
;; Single band
(let* ((dimension (car (index-dimension item)))
(num-step (get-num-step step))
(var-range (ranging-spec var
(simplify-index `(- (- ,dimension ,skip-high) 1))
num-step (get-ord-step step) nil))
(expr `(+ (* ,var-range ,by) ,minv)))
(values (cons var expr) (list var-range))))))
(defun apply-index-iterexpr (name indexes item)
(let* ((wrap (if (atom item) (list item) item))
(wrap2 (if (or (null (cdr wrap)) (keywordp (cadr wrap)))
(list* (car wrap) ':as (cdr wrap))))
(idxobj (find (car wrap2) indexes :key #'car)))
(unless idxobj
(error "Unknown index '~A' for multivalue ~A: ~A" (car wrap2) name item))
(apply #'index-iterexpr idxobj wrap2)))
(defun correct-loop-levels (range-list min-layer)
(dolist (range (reverse range-list))
(setf (range-loop-level (ranging-info range)) min-layer)
(incf min-layer))
(clrhash *minlevel-cache*) ; Invalidate the cache
(values range-list min-layer))
(defun build-loop-list (name indexes idxlist &key min-layer)
(let ((replace-tbl nil)
(loop-lst nil))
(dolist (item (reverse idxlist))
(pair ranges)
(apply-index-iterexpr name indexes item)
(push pair replace-tbl)
(setf loop-lst (nconc ranges loop-lst))))
(when min-layer
(correct-loop-levels loop-lst min-layer))
(values loop-lst replace-tbl)))
(defun do-wrap-loops (code ranges replace-tbl)
(let ((loops nil)
(cur-code (replace-unquoted code replace-tbl)))
(dolist (item (reverse ranges))
(let ((cloop `(loop-range ,item ,@cur-code)))
(push cloop loops)
(setf cur-code (list cloop))))
(values (wrap-progn cur-code)
loops ranges replace-tbl)))
(defun wrap-idxloops (name indexes idxlist code &key min-layer)
(multiple-value-call #'do-wrap-loops
(build-loop-list name indexes idxlist
:min-layer min-layer)))
(defmacro do-indexes (name idxlist &body code)
(let ((indexes (get name 'mv-indexes)))
(unless indexes
(error "Unknown multivalue ~A" name))
(wrap-idxloops name indexes idxlist code)))