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;;; -*- mode:lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
(in-package fast-compute)
(ffi:clines "#include <unistd.h>")
(defun get-cpu-count ()
(max 1
(ffi:c-inline () () :int
:one-liner t)))
(ffi:clines "#include <sched.h>")
(ffi:clines "#include <errno.h>")
(ffi:clines "#include <string.h>")
(defun set-cpu-affinity (cpus)
(let ((cpu-list (if (listp cpus) cpus (list cpus)))
(numcpus (get-cpu-count)))
(unless cpus
(error "Cannot set affinity to an empty list"))
(dolist (item cpu-list)
(unless (and (integerp item)
(<= 0 item)
(< item numcpus))
(error "Invalid CPU index in affinity: ~A" item)))
(ffi:c-inline (cpu-list) (:object) :void
"cpu_set_t cset;
cl_object lst = #0;
while (CONSP(lst)) {
CPU_SET(fixnnint(ECL_CONS_CAR(lst)), &cset);
lst = ECL_CONS_CDR(lst);
if (sched_setaffinity(0,sizeof(cset),&cset) < 0)
FEerror(\"Affinity setting failed: ~A\", 1,
(defun get-cpu-count () 1)
(defun set-cpu-affinity (cpus) (declare (ignore cpus)) nil))
(defun get-lock-spin (lock &key max-tries)
(if max-tries
(loop for try-id from 1 to max-tries
do (when (mp:get-lock lock nil)
finally (mp:get-lock lock t))
(when (mp:get-lock lock nil)
(defmacro with-lock-spin ((lock &key max-tries) &body code)
(let ((lock-sym (gensym)))
`(let ((,lock-sym ,lock))
(get-lock-spin ,lock-sym :max-tries ,max-tries)
(progn ,@code)
(mp:giveup-lock ,lock-sym)))))
(defmacro condition-wait-spin ((cond mutex &key (max-tries 10000)) check)
(let ((lock-sym (gensym))
(cond-sym (gensym))
(tries-sym (gensym))
(try-sym (gensym))
(found-sym (gensym)))
`(let ((,lock-sym ,mutex)
(,cond-sym ,cond)
(,tries-sym ,max-tries)
(,found-sym ,nil))
(when (> ,tries-sym 0)
(mp:giveup-lock ,lock-sym)
(loop for ,try-sym from 1 to ,tries-sym
do (when ,check
(setf ,found-sym t)
(get-lock-spin ,lock-sym)))
(unless (or ,found-sym ,check)
(mp:condition-variable-wait ,cond-sym ,lock-sym)))))
(defparameter *worker-cond-spins* 100000)
(defvar *worker-count* 0)
(defvar *worker-threads* ())
(defvar *worker-mutex* (mp:make-lock))
(defvar *work-start-cond* (mp:make-condition-variable))
(defvar *work-done-cond* (mp:make-condition-variable))
(defvar *working-threads* 0)
(defvar *task-id* 0)
(defvar *workers-failed* 0)
(defvar *task-function* nil)
(defvar *dispatch-lock* (mp:make-lock))
(defvar *dispatch-pos* 0)
(defvar *dispatch-limit* 0)
(defun nuke-workers ()
(setf *worker-count* 0)
(incf *task-id*)
(mp:condition-variable-broadcast *work-start-cond*)
(sleep 0.2)
(dolist (thread *worker-threads*)
(ignore-errors (mp:process-kill thread)))
(sleep 0.1)
(setf *worker-threads* nil))
(unless (find #'nuke-workers si::*exit-hooks*)
(push #'nuke-workers si::*exit-hooks*))
(defun worker-thread (idx)
(format t "Worker ~A starting.~%" idx)
(let ((last-id 0) (caught-error nil))
(multiple-value-bind (task task-id w-count)
(with-lock-spin (*worker-mutex*)
(unless (and *task-function*
(/= *task-id* last-id))
(condition-wait-spin (*work-start-cond* *worker-mutex*
:max-tries *worker-cond-spins*)
(/= *task-id* last-id)))
(when (> idx *worker-count*)
(return-from worker-thread))
(values *task-function* *task-id* *worker-count*))
(when (and task (/= task-id last-id))
(setf last-id task-id)
(setf caught-error nil)
(funcall task idx (1+ w-count))
(condition (err)
(setf caught-error t)
(format t "Worker ~A failed:~% ~A~%" idx err)))
(with-lock-spin (*worker-mutex*)
(incf *working-threads* -1)
(when caught-error
(incf *workers-failed*))
(when (<= *working-threads* 0)
(mp:condition-variable-broadcast *work-done-cond*))))))))
(format t "Worker ~A exited.~%" idx)))
(defun thread-dispatch (idx fun)
(funcall fun idx *dispatch-limit*)
(with-lock-spin (*dispatch-lock*)
(setf idx *dispatch-pos*)
(when (< *dispatch-pos* *dispatch-limit*)
(incf *dispatch-pos*)))
(unless (< idx *dispatch-limit*)
(defun wrap-dispatch (fun)
#'(lambda (idx num)
(thread-dispatch idx fun)))
(defun spawn-worker-threads (num)
(mp:with-lock (*worker-mutex*)
(do ()
((<= *worker-count* num))
(incf *worker-count* -1)
(pop *worker-threads*))
(incf *task-id*)
(mp:condition-variable-broadcast *work-start-cond*)
(do ()
((>= *worker-count* num))
(incf *worker-count* 1)
(push (mp:process-run-function 'worker
#'worker-thread *worker-count*)
(defun run-work (fun &key (dispatch-limit 1))
(when (null fun)
(error "Cannot run a NIL task"))
(mp:with-lock (*worker-mutex*)
(when *task-function*
(error "Task already running"))
(setf *task-function* fun)
(setf *workers-failed* 0)
(setf *working-threads* *worker-count*)
(setf *dispatch-pos* (1+ *worker-count*))
(setf *dispatch-limit* (* *dispatch-pos* (max 1 dispatch-limit)))
(incf *task-id*)
(mp:condition-variable-broadcast *work-start-cond*))
(let ((success nil))
(funcall fun 0 (1+ *worker-count*))
(setf success t))
(with-lock-spin (*worker-mutex*)
(when (> *working-threads* 0)
(condition-wait-spin (*work-done-cond* *worker-mutex*
:max-tries *worker-cond-spins*)
(<= *working-threads* 0)))
(setf *task-function* nil))
;; Transfer errors from worker threads if we succeeded
(when (and success (> *workers-failed* 0))
(error "~A worker threads failed." *workers-failed*)))))
(defun set-compute-thread-count (num-threads &key (adjust-affinity t))
(let ((num-threads (or num-threads
(ignore-errors (parse-integer (si:getenv "OMP_NUM_THREADS")))
(spawn-worker-threads (max (1- num-threads) 0)))
(when adjust-affinity
(let ((cpu-count (get-cpu-count)))
(run-work #'(lambda (idx num)
(set-cpu-affinity (- cpu-count 1 (mod idx cpu-count))))))))