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Commits on Jun 17, 2011
  1. @sb-studio
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
  1. @sb-studio

    build: tweak to work with older Git

    sb-studio authored
      Pre-1.7.2 Gits are pretty common out in the wild, so use wc -l to
      get the revision counts instead of rev-list --count.
      This has been verified to work with at least Git v1.6.0.2.
Commits on Jun 14, 2011
  1. @sb-studio

    rename STYLE to HACKING

    sb-studio authored
      Also update a bit for the brave new Git-only world.
  2. @nikodemus

    whitespace in tests

    nikodemus authored
  3. @nikodemus


    nikodemus authored
      Passed through to PARSE-LAMBDA-LIST-LIKE, used by %SPLIT-ARGLIST in PCL.
      Prior to this GENERIC-FUNCTION-PRETTY-ARGLIST on functions with both
      &OPTIONAL and &KEY arguments caused a style-warning -- and inquiring about
      the lambda-list isn't the right time for that.
Commits on Jun 13, 2011
  1. @jimwise
Commits on Jun 11, 2011
  1. @nikodemus

    tests and NEWS for lp#308961

    nikodemus authored
      Also add a random FP read/print consistency tester.
      For now it skips denormalized double-floats due to bug 793774.
  2. @davazp @nikodemus

    FORMAT-AUX-EXP: adjust scale if scale-exponent return 1.0

    davazp authored nikodemus committed
     lp#308961, part 2.
     FORMAT-EXP-AUX scales a number such that it will have K digits before of the
     decimal point. This relies on scale-exponent.
      (format nil "~E" 0.1) ; => "1.e-1"
                         NIL 1 NIL #\ NIL NIL)
        1: (SB-IMPL::SCALE-EXPONENT 0.1)
        1: SB-IMPL::SCALE-EXPONENT returned 0.1 0
      0: FORMAT-EXP-AUX returned "1"
     0.1 is 0.1 * 10^0 according to scale-exponent. Then, it is multiplied by 10^K
     before printing. Everything works out fine.
      (format nil "~E" 0.01) ; => "10.e-3" ... oops
                         NIL 1 NIL #\ NIL NIL)
        1: (SB-IMPL::SCALE-EXPONENT 0.01)
        1: SB-IMPL::SCALE-EXPONENT returned 1.0 -2
      0: FORMAT-EXP-AUX returned "2"
     In this example, scale-exponent returns 1.0 and -2, meaning 0.01 = 1.0 *
     10^-2. Again, format-aux-exp multiply it by 10^K. But as 1.0 has a digit
     before of the decimal point, the result will have K+1 digits.
     This is due to format-exp-aux assumed the returned value will be lesser to
     1.0. In order to fix this, we decrement K when scale-exponent return 1.0 as
     primary value.
  3. @davazp @nikodemus

    FLONUM-TO-DIGITS handles non-negative input properly

    davazp authored nikodemus committed
     lp#308961, part 1.
     SBCL has an extended version of the Burger & Dybwig fp printer, which
     supports rounding.
     It did not however support zero -- but in eg.
       (format nil "~,1F" 0.001)
     0.001 is rounded to zero, which leads FLONUM-TO-DIGITS giving us one zero too
     many. Ie. it should be
        => "0.0"
     but prior to this we got "0.00" instead.
     This patch removes the special casing for 0, and instead tests that the lower
     limit of the interval (- r m-) is positive in order not to generate extra
  4. @pkhuong

    Specialised constant MAKE-{SINGLE,DOUBLE}-FLOAT VOPs on x86 as well

    pkhuong authored
    These only trigger when the float to construct is a NaN, so very
    marginal, and it doesn't seem worth the trouble on all the other
    platforms (that don't support inline constants yet).
  5. @nikodemus

    more NEWS

    nikodemus authored
  6. @nikodemus

    robustify DIRECTORY on logical pathnames

    nikodemus authored
      PATHNAME-INTERSECTIONS used to return pathnames with name or type
      NIL if there was a mismatch -- but it should not return any
      pathnames at all for a mismatch.
  7. @pkhuong
  8. @pkhuong

    Avoid constant folding NaNs from MAKE-{SINGLE,DOUBLE}-FLOAT

    pkhuong authored
    Perform it in a specialised transform that checks for NaNs, and
    add VOPs for constant arguments to avoid any slowdown.
    Fixes lp#486812.
  9. @pkhuong

    Improve SINGLE-FLOAT-BITS on x86-64

    pkhuong authored
     Avoid narrow-store-to-wide-load hazards, and generally emit sane
    MOVSXD for sign extension.
     Fixes lp#555201.
  10. @pkhuong

    Fix a corner case in RUN-PROGRAM with very long argument strings

    pkhuong authored
     Argument string of length on the order of MOST-POSITIVE-FIXNUM
     could lead to severe crashes.
     I don't know why we bothered declaring FIXNUMs in RUN-PROGRAM.
     Also, play with the null termination code a bit, but, really,
     such long strings will only end up failing in the OS.
     Fixes lp#787237
  11. @pkhuong

    MAKE-THREAD accepts :ARGUMENTS to pass to the thread function

    pkhuong authored
     The additional keyword argument should be a lsit designator
     Based on a patch by Roman Marynchak.
     Fixes lp#727384.
Commits on Jun 10, 2011
  1. @nikodemus

    FMAKUNBOUND removes the MACRO-FUNCTION as well

    nikodemus authored
      Fixes lp#795705.
  2. @nikodemus

    &optional and &key supplied-p arguments in boa-constuctors

    nikodemus authored
      ...can be used to initialize structure slots.
  3. @jimwise

    Reorder description of info file installs to work around limited SunO…

    jimwise authored
    …S echo
    Scratches a long-standing itch, but not really necessary (result is purely
  4. @sb-studio
  5. @sb-studio


    sb-studio authored
      I have no idea why I didn't do that in the first place.
  6. @nikodemus
  7. @nikodemus
  8. @nikodemus
  9. @nikodemus

    sb-introspect: test-cases for defstruct copier, predicate, and access…

    nikodemus authored
    …or sources
     Feh. There were tests for even the cases that have worked for quite a while
  10. @didierverna @nikodemus

    sb-introspect: source locations for structure copiers

    didierverna authored nikodemus committed
      Closely paralleling the existing hacks for structure accessors
      and copiers.
Commits on Jun 9, 2011
  1. @nikodemus

    robustify debugger against bogus lambda-lists

    nikodemus authored
      If we don't find a list where we expect a rest-list to be,
      substitute a dummy unprintable object.
      Provides a workaround for lp#795245.
  2. @jimwise
  3. @nikodemus

    sb-posix: make SYSCALL-ERROR's argument optional

    nikodemus authored
      The symbol is exported, and adding a required argument to the call broke
      backwards compatibility.
  4. @nikodemus

    git: adjust whitespace in commit emails

    nikodemus authored
      Kill the extra empty line.
  5. @nikodemus

    git: post-receive-email hook again

    nikodemus authored
      Check all revisions from new to old for merges, not just the topmost.
  6. @nikodemus

    git: update hook, fix post-receive-email

    nikodemus authored
     Add an update hook that prevents merge commits on master.
     Fix the post-receive-email script to work properly with merge commits --
     don't try to report pushes of merges with one email per commit.
     (Since we deny non-fast-forwards, we pretty much need to allow merges on
     other branches, or give up keeping them in the main repo.)
  7. @jimwise
Commits on Jun 8, 2011
  1. @jimwise
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