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A retro isometric visualizer for Dwarf Fortress

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Welcome to Stonesense Felsite(3.1)

Thank you for trying out our little visualizer,
as always, we appreciate any feedback.

Please note that stonesense is tightly bound to DFHack, and so only works for the version that
the accompanying DFHack is built for.

To run stonesense, Copy DFHack into the dwarf fortress folder, and run DwarfFortress.exe.
When DFHack console appears, type in stonesense and press enter.

--== Configuration ==--

Application options are set and documented in the init.txt file

--== Controls ==--

-- Mouse --
Left click: Move debug cursor (if available)
Right click: Recenter screen
Scrollwheel: Move up and down 
Ctrl-Scrollwheel: Increase/decrease Z depth shown

-- Keyboard --
Arrow keys: Move around (hold shift for large moves)
PG UP/PG Down: Move up and down 
9 and 0: Alternative move up and down
1 and 2: Increase/decrease Z depth shown
Enter: Rotate view 90 degrees
ESC: Exit program
U: Toggle stockpiles.
I: Toggle zones.
C: Toggle truncated walls.
F: Toggle follow mode.
H: Toggle hidden blocks.
B: Toggle blacked out areas.
S: Toggle single layer view.
N: Toggle creature names.
M: Toggle creature emotion icons.
O: Toggle occlusion culling.
F2: Screenshot mode/hide display overlays
F5: Save Screenshot
CTRL + F5: Save Screenshot of entire fortress with the current Z level settings.
CTRL + SHIFT + F5: Save a screenshot of the entire fortress from the current top Z level down to the bottom of the map.
ALT + F5: Save a volumetric thing I'm testing out.
Numpad + and -: Increase/Decrease AutoReload Rate
CTRL + navigation: Adjusts follow mode offset
,: Zoom out.
.: Zoom in.

-- Debug Keys --
(prolly not useful for you guys)
D: redraw screen
R: reload memory from DF
G: reload sprites & config from disk
F10: display available sprites
Numpad numbers: Move debug cursor (if available)
Ctrl+F: Toggle Cursor Follow Mode

-- Follow mode --
When you turn on follow mode, the screen will jump to the location of the DF window.
You can adjust the position of the follow mode relative to the DF window by
holding Ctrl while using the keyboard window movement keys.

When you turn on cursor follow mode, the debug cursor will follow the DF cursor when it exists.

-- Occlusion Culling --
There is an experimental feature that hides blocks that are not visible, for a speed increase.
This is a work in progress, and very buggy. It can be turned off with 'o', if something is missing.

--== Contacts ==--

Stonesense mailing list:

Stonesense on Bay12Games forums:

--== Known Issues ==--

We have seen some crash bugs from time to times.

Good Luck!
- The Stonesense Crew
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