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doc Allow manual to build, after the removal of readme.txt
lib Fix some typos in monster_spell.txt
m4 Update buildsys to rev 117 (69e38f40905e), preserving local changes
mk Fix #1831: Check for rst2latex and pdflatex and make the relevant bit…
scripts More pkg_win nonsense, and change to graphics load failure
src Sanitise inputs to msg() properly, preventing crash on having % in pl…
tests Remove player sexes
utils Add codestats tool to check for long functions.
.gitignore Complete lib directory re-org
Makefile Set up the game to distribute PDF and HTML helpfiles where possible. …
acinclude.m4 Fix autoconf ncurses test so that it correctly fails if the ncurses d… Re-adjust, cross fingers
changes.txt Update version
compiling.txt Exorcise the Carbon frontend.
config.guess Add AC_CANONICAL_{HOST,TARGET} for easier cross-compilation
config.sub Add AC_CANONICAL_{HOST,TARGET} for easier cross-compilation Update version
copying.txt Move graphics + support files around a bit
faq.txt Update faq to remove reference to macros.
install-sh Angband 3.0.7s3.
readme.txt Update version
run-tests Allow system tests to run even when configured with --with-no-install
thanks.txt Update version


Angband 4.0.2

Angband is a graphical dungeon adventure game that uses textual characters
to represent the walls and floors of a dungeon and the inhabitants therein, 
in the vein of games like NetHack and Rogue.  If you need help in-game,
press '?'.

For more information, somewhere to upload your characters and screenshots,
and discuss the game, try

If you're compiling the game yourself, read


-- The Angband Dev Team
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