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A free, single-player roguelike dungeon exploration game
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doc Allow manual to build, after the removal of readme.txt
lib Undo change for pure cygwin build. Not yet accepted in master.
m4 Update buildsys to rev 117 (69e38f40905e), preserving local changes
mk Fix #1831: Check for rst2latex and pdflatex and make the relevant bit…
scripts More pkg_win nonsense, and change to graphics load failure
src Undo bad change to win-main.c that break 32-bit windows display.
tests Remove player sexes
utils Add codestats tool to check for long functions.
.gitignore Complete lib directory re-org
Makefile Set up the game to distribute PDF and HTML helpfiles where possible. …
acinclude.m4 Fix autoconf ncurses test so that it correctly fails if the ncurses d… Re-adjust, cross fingers
changes.txt Update version
compiling.txt Exorcise the Carbon frontend.
config.guess Add AC_CANONICAL_{HOST,TARGET} for easier cross-compilation
config.sub Add AC_CANONICAL_{HOST,TARGET} for easier cross-compilation Update version
copying.txt Move graphics + support files around a bit
faq.txt Update faq to remove reference to macros.
install-sh Angband 3.0.7s3.
readme.txt Update version
run-tests Allow system tests to run even when configured with --with-no-install
thanks.txt Update version


Angband 4.0.4

Angband is a graphical dungeon adventure game that uses textual characters
to represent the walls and floors of a dungeon and the inhabitants therein, 
in the vein of games like NetHack and Rogue.  If you need help in-game,
press '?'.

For more information, somewhere to upload your characters and screenshots,
and discuss the game, try

If you're compiling the game yourself, read


-- The Angband Dev Team
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