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  • Start tracking some of the samples about how they behave in various PDF viewers: Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Sumatra,, Ghostscript, MuPDF, Evince, XPDF, Chrome's internal PDF viewer, PDF.js, Windows 10 builtin Reader,...
  • Maybe write some simple Python scripts which auto-generate the xref and the trailer given a file that already has PDF header and body of objects?
  • Other helper tools for creating hand-written PDFs: Python script which encode/decode arbitrary blobs of data (/ASCIIHexDecode, /ASCII85Decode, /LZWDecode, /DCTDecode, /FlateDecode, /RunLengthDecode, /JBIG2Decode, /CCITTFaxDecode, /JPXDecode, /Crypt). Not all at once, though...

File Wishlist

  • TODO: (almost) empty template(s) to kickstart hand-making PDFs
    • Text (1-page, 2-page, 4-page)
    • Images (1-page, 2-page, 4-page)
    • Vector drawings (1-page, 2-page, 4-page)
  • TODO: OCG / Layers: visible - invisible - printable
  • TODO: Watermarks (efficient)
  • TODO: text hidden by other object
  • TODO: cropped object (LaTeX illustrations)
  • TODO: JavaScript in a PDF
  • TODO: internal links in PDF
  • TODO: fillable forms in a PDF
  • TODO: bookmarks in a PDF
  • TODO: annotations in a PDF
  • TODO: redaction (good + bad)


  • DONE: different ways to show "text" on page
    SEE: 004_text_display.pdf

  • DONE: some sort of challenge/riddle for TROOPERS in a PDF ?
    SEE: 115_little-riddle.pdf

  • DONE: incrementally updated PDF file
    SEE: 114_incrementally-updated.pdf

  • DONE: JPEG image in a PDF
    SEE: 107_perspectives-by-banksy.pdf

  • DONE: "text" by drawing outlines
    SEE: 102_A-vectorized.pdf

  • DONE: "text" with font NOT embedded
    SEE: 104_fonts-not-embedded.pdf

  • DONE: "text" with font embedded
    SEE: 106_hello-troopers.pdf
    SEE: 108_text-rendering-modes.pdf
    SEE: 112_play-with-tounicodetable.pdf
    SEE: 113_stegano-with-tounicodetable.pdf

  • DONE: CTM demo + playground
    SEE: 105_transformation-matrix.pdf
    SEE: 111_current-transformation-matrix-ctm.pdf