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Angel is no longer being maintained. You can read my reasons for discontinuing the project here:

At the moment, there is one fork of Angel that adds null-safety support. If you intend to upgrade existing Angel projects to the more recent versions of Dart, then it's your best bet.

The fork can be found here:

Existing Angel projects have three options:

  • Remain on an older version of the Dart VM
  • Use the forked versions of the packages to support null-safety
  • Switch to a new framework, and/or language

Thanks for 4 years. It was a fun ride, but it's time for me to move on. 👋

The Angel Framework

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A polished, production-ready backend framework in Dart.


Angel is a full-stack Web framework in Dart. It aims to streamline development by providing many common features out-of-the-box in a consistent manner.

With features like the following, Angel is the all-in-one framework you should choose to build your next project:

  • GraphQL Support
  • PostgreSQL ORM
  • Dependency Injection
  • Static File Handling
  • And much more...

See all the packages in the packages/ directory.

Installation & Setup

Once you have Dart installed, bootstrapping a project is as simple as running a few shell commands:

Install the Angel CLI:

pub global activate angel_cli

Bootstrap a project:

angel init hello

You can even have your server run and be hot-reloaded on file changes:

dart --observe bin/dev.dart

Next, check out the detailed documentation to learn to flesh out your project.

Examples and Documentation

Visit the documentation for dozens of guides and resources, including video tutorials, to get up and running as quickly as possible with Angel.

Examples and complete projects can be found here.

You can also view the API Documentation.

There is also an Awesome Angel 🔥 list.


Interested in contributing to Angel? Start by reading the contribution guide here.


[ARCHIVED] A polished, production-ready backend framework in Dart for the VM, AOT, and Flutter.








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