[Version 2 coming soon!] A batteries-included, full-featured, full-stack framework in Dart. (This repo is an application boilerplate)
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Angel v1 users should stick to Dart 2.0.0-dev or lower. Dart 2 users will very soon be able to use version 2.0.0 of the entire Angel framework (try it now - package:angel_framework@2.0.0-alpha)!

The Angel Framework

Gitter Pub Build status License

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Wiki (in-depth documentation)

API Documentation


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Awesome Angel 🔥

The Dart server framework that's ready for showtime.

Angel is a full-featured server-side Web application framework for the Dart programming language. It strives to be a flexible, extensible system, to be easily scalable, and to allow as much code to be shared between clients and servers as possible. Ultimately, I believe that this approach will shorten the time it takes to build a full-stack Web application, from start to finish. Read more...

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Newest Tutorials

Installation & Setup

Having errors with a fresh Angel installation? See here for help.

Once you have Dart installed, bootstrapping a project is as simple as running one shell command:

Install the Angel CLI:

pub global activate angel_cli

Bootstrap a project:

angel init hello

You can even have your server run and be live-reloaded on file changes:

dart bin/dev.dart

Next, check out the detailed documentation to learn to flesh out your project.


With features like the following, Angel is the all-in-one framework you should choose to build your next project:

Basic Example

Examples and complete projects can be found in the angel-example organization.