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[DEPRECATED] Support for running Dart applications, specifically Angel apps, across multiple servers.
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The features in this package have now been implemented better in other packages, like angel_cache The load balancing functionality, in most cases, should be performed by another server, like nginx or Apache. Lastly, writing a WebSocketSynchronizer for your own application is trivial, and forcing a dependency on multiple databases is not realistic for most projects.


Support for running Dart applications, specifically Angel apps, across multiple servers.

The idea is that you have one master server running the load balancer, and the child applications call a session synchronizer.

Dedicated WebSocket support is also present.

See the examples.

Response Caching

This plug-in works on any Angel server, not just a LoadBalancer. It caches responses, to lower future response times.

Load Balancing

This package exposes a LoadBalancer class, which extends Angel, and can be used like a normal server.

The default algorithm is a simple round-robin, but it can be extended for your own purposes.

Three load-balancing algorithms are included:

  • ROUND_ROBIN (default)

The LoadBalancer also supports HTTPS and WebSockets. Bam.

You can also provide a maxConcurrentConnections to pool server resources and prevent premature crashes.

Session Synchronization

This package also includes three SessionSynchronizer classes:

  • MongoDB
  • Memcached
  • Redis

These are simply plugins that serialize and deserialize session data to external data stores. Try to call them as early as possible in your application, so that session data is loaded before any business logic.

import 'package:angel_framework/angel_framework.dart';
import 'package:angel_multiserver/angel_multiserver.dart';
import 'package:mongo_dart/mongo_dart.dart';

main() async {
    var app = new Angel();
    var db = new Db('<connection-string>');
    await app.configure(
        new MongoSessionSynchronizer(db.collection('sessions')));

WebSocket Synchronization

The multiserver is also bundled with a MongoWebSocketSynchronizer.

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