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Filing Issues

Firstly, thank you for your help! Without you, it would be impossible for Angel to achieve its goals.

Please file issues in the Roadmap repo. When filing an issue, please use the following form:

Title: <name of plugin>:<description of problem>

  Angel version:
  Steps to reproduce error:
  Error message, stack trace and output (if available)
  How urgently do you need the issue to be fixed?

Pull Requests

To submit a PR, you must submit an issue beforehand, and wait until it receives the slated tag. Afterwards, include the following in the body:

Title: Brief description of changes made
Issue it resolves:


If you make a custom plugin, consider submitting a new issue, titled "New plugin: (plugin name)." It would be great to have all Angel plugins within the organization, so if it receives the slated tag, please add @thosakwe as a collaborator, and transfer the repository into this organization.

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