IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PHPStorm Material UI theme custom flavor
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IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PHPStorm Material UI theme modification

Custom colors based on Material Theme for IntelliJ idea products (Used IntelliJ IDEA 16.2+).


  • Goto IDEA Settings->Plugins and install Color IDE and Material UI with Browse repostories....

Color IDE

Material UI

  • Copy *.icls in your IDEA config/colors folder and restart IDEA if it's opened. You can find your settings folder location here.

  • Open settings, goto Editor -> Color And Fonts and select Material Theme - Default (Custom).

Using Darker Theme

Changes from the default

Changes applied on top of the default material UI color scheme:

  • Parent theme changed from Default to Darcula.
  • Font size changed from 15px to 12px (I prefer smaller font showing more content on the screen)
  • Line height changed from 1.6 to 1.2 (Better looking with smaller font size)
  • Breadcrumbs colors were not matching the dark them so I used the colors from IDEA Darcula theme for them.
  • Annotation colors were Light. Colors changes to matched Darcula theme.
  • Console colors copied from Darcula theme. Material UI colors wer too bright on the eyes.
  • Console font changed to Consolas. It has less details which makes it easier to read.

Theme Preview
Theme Preview (Default)

Theme Preview - Dark
Theme Preview (Dark)