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LockPages Public API + Example Projects

LockPages is a support package for other tweaks (like Forecast) to add pages to the lock screen.

Setting up your development environment (assuming you already have Theos)

  1. Copy LPPage-Protocol.h and LPPageController.h to $THEOS/include/lockpages/

  2. Copy liblockpages.dylib to $THEOS/lib/

How do I use LockPages? Are there any example projects I can look at?

I've written three open-source example projects, which are all included in this Git repo in the examples/ subfolder.

  1. PineappleSpinnerLS is basically a complete tweak I wrote in 30 minutes or so. It adds a fully-functional page to your lock screen where you can tap a button to spin a pineapple, and tap another button to accelerate it (much to its dismay).

  2. LPBarebonesExample is a barebones tweak that contains just enough code to create a LockPages page and nothing else. The view is completely empty. You can use this to quickly create a tweak by adding code onto ExampleView.

  3. LPInterfaceBuilderExample is a barebones tweak that loads its entire UIView from a NIB (compiled XIB/Interface Builder file). I more or less wrote this code for @128keaton, who expressed interest in writing a LockPages tweak using XIB files. So you have him to thank for giving me this idea at all ;P

Also, make sure you add com.dba-tech.lockpages to your control file's Depends: field!


Public API and example projects for the LockPages library.



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