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This exploits the following two CVEs:

  • CVE-2016-4655: allow an attacker to obtain sensitive information from kernel memory via a crafted app
  • CVE-2016-4656: allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in a privileged context or cause a denial of service (memory corruption) via a crafted app

CVE-2016-4657 (WebKit exploit) is NOT included despite the name of the project being called Trident. Only kernel vulnerabilities are being exploited here.

The objective of the exploit is to gain root access over the device.

At this point it would be possible to jailbreak the device by applying more patches to the kernel (for sandbox, code signing enforcement and more).

iOS 9.3.5 is not supported as vulnerabilities have been patched in that version.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3 (Eagle 13E233)
  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3 (Eagle 13E237)
  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3.1 (Eagle 13E238)
  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3.3 (Genoa 13G34)
  • iPhone4,1 (N94AP), iOS 9.3.4 (Genoa 13G35)
  • iPhone5,2 (N42AP), iOS 9.2.1 (Dillon 13D15)
  • iPhone5,2 (N42AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPhone5,3 (N48AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPhone5,3 (N48AP), iOS 9.3.3 (Genoa 13G34)
  • iPad2,1 (K93AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPad2,2 (K94AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPad2,3 (K95AP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPad2,3 (K95AP), iOS 9.3.3 (Genoa 13G34)
  • iPad2,4 (K93AAP), iOS 9.3.2 (Frisco 13F69)
  • iPad3,1 (J1AP), iOS 9.3.4 (Genoa 13G35)

Guide for finding offsets by angelXwind

Original exploit disclosure by Lookout
OS X exploit by jndok

Thanks: Lookout, Pangu team, i0n1c, jndok, kernelpool, planetbeing, qwertyoruiop, winocm

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