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# -*- coding: latin1 -*-
import re
from collections import namedtuple
Token = namedtuple("Token", ("tipo", "val"))
class Tokenizer():
def __init__(self, source_code=None, filename=None):
# Our language tokens (ordered tuple)
self.TOKEN_TYPES = (
('print', r'\bdimmi\b'),
('def', r'\becco\b'),
('fin', r'\bfin\b'),
('anzi', r'\banzi\b'),
('identifier', r'\b[a-zA-Z]+\b'),
('assignment', u'è'),
('integer', r'\b[0-9]+\b'),
('math', r'[\+\-\/\*+]'),
('oparen', r'\('),
('cparen', r'\)'),
('comma', r'\,')
# Source code, or...
if filename:
with open(filename, 'r') as f:
self.code ='\n', ' ')
# ...REPL
if source_code:
self.code = source_code
def tokenize(self):
tokens = []
while len(self.code) > 0:
if not tokens:
raise RuntimeError(u"Non so proprio cos'è questo...")
return tokens
def tokenize_one_token(self):
for (tipo, rgx_) in self.TOKEN_TYPES:
rgx_ = r'^' + rgx_
z = re.findall(rgx_, self.code)
if z:
self.code = self.code[len(z[0]):].strip()
return Token(tipo, z[0])