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A curated collection of hands-on workshops for learning AWS


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A curated collection of hands-on workshops for learning AWS

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Cloud Native App Development

Name Description Link
Modern Application on AWS How to build modern applications on top of AWS. You will build a sample website that leverages infrastructure as code, containers, serverless code functions, CI/CD, and more (language choice: Java, .NET, Python)
AWS Developer workshop Get started on Serverless or Container development using AWS Developer Tools.
Advanced DevOps Practices for AWS Prescriptive guidance on how to build proper DevOps solutions in AWS using common patterns and best practices.
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) workshop
  • Create new CDK applications.
  • Define your app’s infrastructure using the AWS Construct Library
  • Deploy your CDK apps to your AWS account
  • Define your own reusable constructs
  • Consume constructs published by other people
Build a Photo-Sharing Web App with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync Use AWS Amplify, React and AWS AppSync to build a photosharing app.
Building Web Applications with AWS Amplify & React Showcases how to use AWS Amplify & React to build a web app including: add Authentication, add REST API with Lambda, GraphQL API with AWS AppSync, adding storage with Amazon S3, adding analytics, manage multiple environments, and deploy via the Amplify Console
Building Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS Amplify Showcases how to use AWS Amplify & React Native to build a mobile app including: add authentication, add REST API with Lambda, GraphQL API with AWS AppSync, adding storage with Amazon S3, adding analytics


Name Description Link
Wild Rydes Serverless Workshop Series A collection of workshops in the theme of unicorn rideshare company
  • Web Application
  • Devops
  • Security
  • Multi Region
  • Workflow
  • Data processing
Serverless Image Processing Workflow with AWS Step Functions Build a serverless image processing workflow step-by-step using AWS Step Functions
Managing Long Lived Transactions with AWS Step Functions This workshop help you implement Saga design pattern with AWS Step Functions. It provides a progressive experience as you build an Order Processing service, design transactions and rollbacks for every business activity that can possibly go wrong and clean up itself.
Serverless Stack - Learn to Build Full-Stack Apps with Serverless and React on AWS Meant for developers that would like to build full stack serverless, this is a step-by-step guide for both the frontend and the backend that aims to address all the different aspects of building serverless applications.


Name Description Link
ECS workshop Amazon ECS Workshop for Fargate. Build out a 3-tier microservice stack using CI/CD on Fargate.
ECS Cats N Dogs workshop This is self-paced workshop designed to allow developers and system administrators to get hands on with Amazon Elastic Container Service concepts
EKS workshop
  • deploy an application consisting of microservices
  • deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard
  • deploy packages using Helm
  • deploy a centralized logging infrastructure
  • Configure Automatic scaling of pods and worker nodes
  • ... Istio, Prometheus, logging with EFK, ...
AWS workshop for Kubernetes This is a self-paced workshop designed for Development and Operations teams who would like to leverage Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Monte Carlo Simulation using AWS Batch Build a container using Cloud9, store the container in ECR, then use AWS batch to schedule

Content delivery

Name Description Link
Lambda@Edge Use Lambda@Edge for security, content generation, Pretty URLs, customizing content, etc.


Name Description Link
IOT Analytics Configure AWS IoT Core to ingest stream data from AWS Device Simulator, process batch data using Amazon ECS, build an analytics pipeline using AWS IOT Analytics, visualize the data using Amazon QuickSight, and perform machine learning using Jupyter Notebooks


Name Description Link
SageMaker Workshop
  • Intro to SageMaker
  • Distributed Training with SageMaker's Built-in Algorithms
Deepracer workshop A hands-on workshop to introduce developers to AWS DeepRacer
Build a customer service chatbot with Amazon Lex Build informational and transactional lex bots and integrate it with Twilio SMS/Amazon Connect
DeepLens Workshop Sample projects to run on your DeepLens
ML Ops workshop Use Code* services and sagemaker to build a ML devops pipeline
AWS NLP services workshop Set up a processing pipeline that transcribes, translates and analyzes customer call recordings.
Build, Train, and Deploy a Text Classification Model The goal of this lab is to work with a public data set to build, train, and deploy a Machine Learning (ML) model from beginning to end.


Name Description Link
EFS workshop This workshop designed to help you better understand the performance characteristics of Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) and how parallelism, I/O size, and Amazon EC2 instance types affects file system IOPS and throughput. You will also gain an understanding of the different performance and throughput modes a file system can be using.
AWS Hybrid Storage Workshop Work with storage gateway in both volume and file mode


Name Description Link
Build a Calorie Tracker with Neptune and AppSync This workshop builds a complete Calorie Tracker Intake solution by using the latest of Web Apps services, libraries and primitives. It's designed as a self-paced lab which progressively creates the backend, API schema, front-end and provides a bonus module for those looking for practical examples of how to utilize graph database for recommendations.


Name Description Link
Use Amazon Managed Blockchain to track non-profit donations This workshop builds a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network using Amazon Managed Blockchain. Once the Fabric network has been created, you will deploy a 3-tier application that uses the Fabric network to track donations to a non-profit organisation, and track how those donations are spent by the non-profit.


Name Description Link
AWS Security Workshops Collection of security oriented workshops that will guide you through prepared scenarios that represent common use cases and operational tasks and give you hands on experience with a wide range of AWS services

Data Analytics

Name Description Link
Serverless Data Lake Workshop create a serverless data lake that combines the data from an e-commerce website, customer profile database, and demographic data, using Glue, Athena, QuickSight


Name Description Link
Alexa Salesforce Notes how to build a private Alexa skill to access Salesforce data
Serverless Voice Powered Analytics In this workshop, you will build an Alexa skill that queries metrics from a data lake, which you will define. You will uncover Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from a data set, build and automate queries for measuring those KPIs, and access them via Alexa voice-enabled devices.


A curated collection of hands-on workshops for learning AWS



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