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JRuby web application frontend for Flying Saucer, which converts xhtml into a pdf.
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Sinatra Saucer
JRuby web application frontend for Flying Saucer. 

It does two things:
* It converts xhtml into a pdf. It requires a zip file containing the file pdf.html, along with any css and images referenced in the xhtml file. 
* It concatenates multiple xhtml (which will be converted) and pdf files into one. Instead of a pdf.html file, it requires a MANIFEST file with a list of all the files to convert and concatenate, separated by newlines.

There is a rudimentary form to submit a zip file, but it is expected the file will be sent by another application. This is to allow for the power of PDF creation with Flying Saucer without requiring your whole application to run in JRuby.

So far the upload form works for creating a PDF. Coming soon will be documentation on how to use it from another app.

Gems required: pbrant-flyingsaucer4r (0.5+), jruby (1.3+), rubyzip, and sinatra

To get started, type this in the command line:
jruby -S rackup

The default port for rack is 9292.
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