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MIDI Automator

MIDI Automator is a desktop software for automating user actions (i.e. opening files, clicking buttons) triggered by midi messages.

The main idea is to have a little helper for musicians who use laptops on stage. Most musicians use Ableton Live for that purpose. But they have to store their songs in one big live-set file which is hard to maintain. With MIDI Automator they can prepare and change an ordered set list containing single live-set files. MIDI Automator can listen to midi messages and load the next, previous or desired live-set file. All other features shall support the demand of a fully automated stage setup.

MIDI Automator shall be hold as generic as possible, so that it can also handle other use cases that are way apart from the main idea.

You can see how it works on my Youtube channel:


DONATIONS: Feel free to donate via paypal to my account ""

This software tries to follow the principales of semantic versioning ( as good as possible.

Personal Note: For everyone who is missing the previous fancy website... It was hacked on 18-04-18 because I was too lazy patching my Drupal installation. As I want to spend the few time I have, for developing the product instead of maintaining a website, I decided to leave everything here on github.