Responsivekit: A Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-First Development
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A Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-First Development

As stated by Dave to me in a email:

"This looks awesome man. Pure awesome. I love that you flipped the queries to actually optimize for a true mobile first implementation and extending it to 1200px is a great idea. I honestly think you should fork Skeleton on Github and create this as your own repo and I would be happy to link it up on the docs."

So I forked the original skeleton and here it is Responsivekit.

Responsivekit was born with a more deeply support for mobile world in mind, trying to keep at minumin javascript and css size. With a conscious use of css media queries, I implementd a mobile first approach in wich a mobile browser is not constrained to apply a desktop browser style to then overwrite with a mobile one.

I added also responsive tables to make the boilerplate as complete as possible.

See it in action on

web2py responsivekit

web2py is the only framewrok to be responsive from the ground up, check the appropriate repo here web2py-responsivekit.