Light Snake is an old-school game of snake with neon-themed graphics. The faster you get to an item, the more score you get!
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Light Snake is a neon-themed game of snake written as an experiment. The aim of this project was to learn more about HTML5. Now that the project is done, I hope the original source will be useful to anyone who wishes to dabble in HTML5. Do note that the code is messy as this was part of a hackathon and was put together in a day. The game can be played at:

How to play

Your objective is to collect as many dots as possible. The faster you get to a dot, the more score you get! Try not to be overzealous though, because if your snake collides with itself, it dies!

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Pressing P pauses the game.
  • Pressing S toggles sound.

Music Credits

I borrowed the music track from a great chiptune artist - Ultrasyd. Do check out his music. It's simply amazing!

Compatible Browsers

Light Snake has been tested on:

  • Chrome 17.0
  • Safari 5.1.2
  • Firefox 10.0.2
  • Opera 11.6


Feel free to send any feedback, issues or suggestions to: angelorohit[at]gmail[dot]com


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