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Glues a set of wave files together with some tweaks
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ahxm-glue - Glues a set of .wav files together
Angel Ortega <>
This software is released into the public domain.

Usage: ahxm-glue {wave file} [options] [{wave file} [options]...]


output={wave file}  Output wave file (default: output.wav).
offset={time}       Offset from previous file (default: 0).
                    positive: insert silence.
                    negative: overlap into previous file.
                    0: start immediately.
skip={time}         Time to skip from file (default: 0).
end={time}          End time (default: 0).
                    positive: absolute length.
                    negative: substract time from wave length.
                    0: full length.
fade_out={time}     Fade out time (default: 0).

Time is specified as minutes.seconds: 1.00, 2.23, 0.1535 (15.35 secs.)

All options except output= affect only to the previous file.


$ ahxm-glue 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav
  Generates output.wav with the concatenation of the three files
$ ahxm-glue 1.wav 2.wav offset=-0.02 3.wav
  2.wav mixes 2 seconds into the end of 1.wav
$ ahxm-glue 1.wav skip=1.30 2.wav offset=0.02 3.wav
  Skip 1:30 mins from 1st and insert 2 silence seconds before 2nd
$ ahxm-glue 1.wav 2.wav end=0.30 3.wav
  2.wav only lasts 30 seconds
$ ahxm-glue 1.wav fade_out=0.02 2.wav offset=-0.02 3.wav
  1.wav starts fading out when 2.wav starts
$ ahxm-glue 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav end=-0.1025 output=out.wav
  3.wav lasts 10.25 seconds less and result stored in out.wav
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