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Minimal HTML to EPUB format converter
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aov-html2epub README

This is a minimal HTML file to EPUB format converter. After, as usual,
being bored + frustrated by the cumbersome available tools to do this
apparently trivial operation, this is my approach. It's just a shell
script. The only mandatory dependency is the `zip' program; if the
`uuidgen' utility is installed it's used as well.

The EPUB specification is fucking braindead. Do not be confused with
all that MIME and content types everywhere: the only supported format
is fucking XHTML (no support for pure text/html). It's up to you to
have a sufficiently XMLized HTML for your EPUBs to not choke and crash
most eBook readers.

Released under the public domain. Use as you want, specially for evil.

Angel Ortega <>
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