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Fetches the content of an IMAP4 server
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Fetches the content of an IMAP4 server. This is NOT A SYNC TOOL
nor is expected to be. The content of the server is not touched;
messages that are no longer in the server are moved to a special
Maildir folder aptly named 'no-longer-in-the-server'.

If the same email (addressed by its Message-Id or, if not present,
its Date) is present in more than one Maildir folder, hard links
are used instead of copies.

Folders are intentionally processed in a non-deterministic order
to alleviate data loss if (when) Gmail breaks the connection
whenever their connection quotas mandate.

No state is stored anywhere (other than the email messages).

I've only tested it with Gmail, but it will probably work with

This software is released into the public domain.

Angel Ortega <>
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