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aov-mp3 1.3 - MP3 and M3U manipulator script

Operates on MP3 and M3U files.

(C) Angel Ortega

This Perl script manipulates mp3 and m3u (playlist) files.
It needs the MP3::Tag module from CPAN.

Released under the GPL license.


 aov-mp3 [input options] [output options] [commands]


List a set of mp3 files (passthrough, useless):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3

List a set of mp3 files, shuffling them:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --shuffle

The same, but getting the input from a .m3u file:

 aov-mp3 --from playlist.m3u --shuffle

Output a set of files in .m3u format:

 aov-mp3 "Ann Hell*.mp3" --m3u

The same, but shuffling the output:

 aov-mp3 "Ann Hell*.mp3" --m3u --shuffle

Output as a .csv file:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --csv

Output as a .json file:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --json

List all mp3 files of the genre 'Chillout':

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --tag genre Chillout

List all mp3 files with an empty album tag:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --tag album ''

Fill artist and song name tags from file names (artist - title.mp3):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --name-to-tags

The opposite: rename file names using tags (artist - title.mp3):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --tags-to-name

Inverse rename (title - artist.mp3):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --tags-to-name-i

Set a tag for a set of files:

 aov-mp3 "The Cure*.mp3" --set-tag genre Darkwave

Create a .m3u from random files upto 650M (to fill a CD):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --shuffle --max-size 650M --m3u

Set a tag for a set of random files upto 300M:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --shuffle --max-size 300M \
     --set-tag album "My Compilation Vol. 1"

The same, but only for those files not already in an album:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --shuffle --max-size 300M --tag album '' \
     --set-tag album "My Compilation Vol. 1"

And list that set (to feed it, for example, to a CD burning program):

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --tag album "My Compilation Vol. 1"

List the album tag instead of the file names:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --ls-tag album

List how many different genres a compilation have:

 aov-mp3 *.mp3 --ls-tag genre|sort|uniq

Remove all tags:

 aov-mp3 --remove-tags *.mp3


Angel Ortega <>