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Gruta Release Notes
2.3.3 "Volterra"
- New features:
- The `date' templates now include the `%C_LOCALE' command,
that switches temporarily to C locale before parsing
the date.
- New bin/gruta commands:
- `copy_story', to copy a story from one topic to another
(like the web interface option).
- `delete_story', to do the obvious.
2.3.2 "Arezzo"
- New features:
- A new image search engine (by file name) for admins.
- Added support for Gravatars in user comments.
- Unless forced, language is selected from the HTTP header.
- A new checkbox to show the full story in indexes (so that
the abstract and the body are the same, no need to add the
magic separator mark at the end).
- A new pseudo-url `thumb://', to be used like the `img://'
one, that inserts a thumbnail of the image with a link to
the real image.
- The `RSS_COMMENTS' template now accepts optional `topic'
and `id' arguments to return comments only from a story.
- New Gruta::CGI argument `cache_control_max_age' (default 300).
- If a story is set to year 9999, it's assumed to be disabled
forever and fails with a `410 Gone' HTTP error.
- All internal redirections are done with an HTTP status of
`301 Moved Permanently' instead of `302 Found'.
- New configurable options:
- The maximum number of days a non-approved comment is hold
before being purged.
- A default value for the 'show full story in indexes' story
configuration item.
- New bin/gruta commands:
- `rename_tag', to rename or remove a tag.
- Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash in RSS and TOPIC when a subscriber-only
story was defined.
- Fixed comment expiration (comments didn't really expire).
- Dropped features:
- Artemus4 support.
Please take also note that, if you use static links, the following
`mod_rewrite' redirections has to be changed from
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/([0-9]+)\.html$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1&offset=$2 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/~([0-9]+)\.html$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1&offset=$2 [PT,L]
2.3.1 "Sienna"
* New interface to edit the configuration, instead of editing
the `cfg_' templates one by one.
* Reworked template structure and CSS.
* If a story named `index' in the `info' topic exists, it's used
to substitute the main body of the `INDEX' page.
* Fixed a crash in `LIST' when connected.
* Fixed story format in `EDIT_STORY'.
* Added support for and Akismet comment SPAM detectors.
* If `cfg_top_ten_num' is 0, each story's `hits' counter is not
updated (similar to the initialisation variable `dummy_touch' in
previous versions, that it's still available).
2.3.0 "Lucca"
* Stories can now include comments from visitors. Comments
are disabled by default (it can be enabled by setting
`cfg_disable_comments' in the `config' template to 0) and can also
be enabled or disabled on a per story basis. Comments are never
automatically published: they require approval one by one, unless
it's posted by an identified user that also has section editor
* Support for the new 5.x version of Artemus has been added.
This version is now the recommended one and upgrading of
existing installations to it is encouraged, as new features
are only implemented on 5.x (as, for example, the new
"comments from visitors" feature).
* If a story pseudo-url points to a non-existent story, it shows
a link to create it (ala Wikis).
* Date formatting is done using strftime(), so its full
set of percent-prefixed commands is available.
* A new field in stories allow a Table of Contents to be
created for each story.
* A new template `status' has been added to set the HTTP
* A security bug that allowed to bypass a story's publication
date by using the STORY_PRINTABLE template has been fixed.
* Improved cookie parsing.
* The `gruta_mksite' helper scripts has been renamed to
`gruta-mksite' and it's also installed in /usr/local/bin.
* Many new commands to the `gruta' command line tool.
* All image pseudo-urls include the image's width and height
in the `img' tag if the `Image::Size' Perl module is detected
and installed.
* A timeout watchdog now exists to avoid the CGI hanging for too
much with a default of 20 seconds. It can be changed in the
creation of the Gruta::CGI object by setting the `query_timeout'
2.2.1 "Montecatini"
* Templates are now stored inside source backends instead of
having a special directory of plain files. So, it's no
longer necessary to prepend the writable directory to
the template path in Gruta::Template::Artemus creation.
* The TT template toolkit has been officially deprecated.
* New global CGI variable `set_date', to force a date to
be assumed as today, to be used to take a look at how would
a page be shown in the given date. Only usable by a logged-in
admin user.
* A new script `gruta_mksite', to help in the creation of a
new site.
* A new command, `set_story_date', has been added to bin/gruta.
* The full set of `mod_rewrite' keywords to be used if `static_urls'
is set has been expanded.
RewriteRule ^/([0-9]+)\.html$ /?t=INDEX&offset=$1 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)\.html$ /?t=SEARCH_BY_DATE&from=$1&to=$2 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/tag/(.+)\.html$ /?t=SEARCH_BY_TAG&tag=$1 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/tag/$ /?t=TAGS [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/top/$ /?t=TOP_TEN [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/index\.html$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/([0-9]+)\.html$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1&offset=$2 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/(.+)\.html$ /?t=STORY&topic=$1&id=$2 [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/rss\.xml$ /?t=RSS [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/sitemap\.xml$ /?t=SITEMAP [PT,L]
RewriteRule ^/style\.css$ /?t=CSS [PT,L]
2.2.0 "Osmannoro"
Please note that version 4.1.2 of the Artemus template toolkit
is required for this release to work properly.
* Story rendering is cached, resulting in faster page loading.
* An existing story can be copied to another topic from the story
edition form.
* The template `stories_by_date' has changed the order of their
output values; now they are topic_id, id and date.
* The RSS template now accepts an optional CGI argument `tag', to
get feeds on stories by tag.
* Multiple sources are no longer supported; it never really worked
well, made the code cumbersome and had no real advantage after
all. The cgi caller needs not to be changed, as the `sources'
argument is still supported (only the first one is used, though),
but the scalar `source' is preferred now.
* The file format in the FS source has changed; the `.META' extension
has been changed to `.M', and `.TAGS' to `.T'. Also, new files
appear in the `stories' directory with the `.A' and `.B' extensions,
holding the rendered abstract and story body, respectively. The
transition is made automatically on the first run, no manual
operation is needed.
* New argument `hard_top_ten_limit' to Gruta::Source::FS, to set
the maximum number of stories to be tested when generating the top
read stories index (previously hardcoded to 100).
* New argument `min_size_for_gzip' to Gruta::CGI, to set the minimum
size for the output body to be Gzip compressed (previously hardcoded
to 10000).
* If a story pointed by a story:// pseudo-url has a publication date
in the future, only the title is shown (i.e., it's not clickable).
* The Mbox source is officially deprecated.
* Static URLs are also generated for the `CSS', `RSS' and `SITEMAP'
pages. The following `mod_rewrite' rule must be added to the ones
suggested in the previous version:
RewriteRule ^/style\.css$ /?t=CSS [PT]
2.1.1 "Calenzano"
* Fixed a last time bug in the DBI schema generation.
* On-the-fly Gzip compression (if browser accepts it).
* New special uris; `abstract', to paste a story's abstract, and `body',
to paste the full body of another one.
* A new renderer, Text, for plain text content.
* New Artemus variables to set HTML metadata; `html_title',
`html_description' and `html_keywords'.
* A new supertemplate called CSS, that returns the Cascading Style
Sheet instead of having it embedded in all output.
* A new supertemplate called SITEMAP (to be aliased to /sitemap.xml).
* If a story called `index' is present in a topic, the 'TOPIC' template
shows its body instead of the list of stories in it.
* Several new commands in the `gruta' command line tool; _new_story_ (to
create a new story from STDIN), _import_rss_ (to import an RSS file
into a topic), _update_story_ (to update a story from STDIN).
* Topics and stories now have a new field, `description', that is used
in the HTML description meta tag in `TOPIC' or `STORY'.
* Internal server errors set the HTTP status to 500.
* Some old function templates have been deleted and moved to Artemus.
* Many templates have been simplified with new Artemus keywords.
* The DBI driver is less verbose on errors.
* Those templates more prone to be changed when configuring a new
site have been renamed to have a prefix of 'cfg_'.
* Added POD documentation to some templates.
* Date formatting functions now accept `%w' to print the week day
as a number.
* New global argument `dummy_touch' to avoid updating the `hits' count
of each story.
* Several fixes to the Mbox driver.
* Don't generate empty 'about' and 'legal' links in 'meta_menu' if
they don't exist.
* Confirmation is requested when deleting a story.
* New global argument `static_urls', that forces some urls (mainly
links to topics and stories) to use a simplified, static-like look.
You *need* to have the following Apache's mod_rewrite keywords
for these urls to be re-converted to usable ones:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule /(img|download)/.* - [L]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/index\.html$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1 [PT]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/(.+)\.html$ /?t=STORY&topic=$1&id=$2 [PT]
RewriteRule ^/(.+)/$ /?t=TOPIC&topic=$1 [PT]
RewriteRule ^/rss\.xml$ /?t=RSS [PT]
RewriteRule ^/sitemap\.xml$ /?t=SITEMAP [PT]
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