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Gruta - A web content management system
Features and highlights
- Very lightweight, with as few external dependencies as possible.
- Optimal to build blogs, portals and other post-oriented web sites.
- Posts are organized by topics and can be marked with tags.
- Posts can have a publishing date in the future, so that they
are automatically published.
- Posts can include moderated visitor comments. Also, support for
Akismet or comment SPAM filters is included.
- Complete RSS support for posts (full, by topic or by tag) or
for comments.
- Support for posts available only to logged-in users for a specified
time, to implement commercial paid-for-content sites.
- Each topic can include its own set of editors, so that content
can be delegated to users.
- Includes a command-line tool with full access to the internal
database, for complex and repetitive operations that can
benefit from scripting in Unix-like environments.
- Hit counters can be stored for each post, maintaining an
automatic list of most read entries.
- Automatic support for Google's sitemaps.
- Posts can be written in HTML or using an easy and intuitive plain
text format (Grutatxt).
- Fast, internal search.
- No SQL database needed (though you can use one if you want).
- Used from 2001 in several live sites with intense to moderate
traffic, so reliability is ensured.
- Not written in PHP (nor Python, nor Ruby...).
See the INSTALL document.
Angel Ortega <>
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